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Garbage In Garbage Out...Literally

Got out for my first outdoor 10k run of the winter season this morning - ran over to the mall near my house to plan out the first few workouts for the Indoor Stroller Bootcamp I'll be running over the winter. {Click Here for more info}
{Lululemon Gear: Run Turn Around Jacket, Brisk Run Headband, The gloves are from last year but you get them in Mitten Form this year!}
As I was making my way back, my think tank was pumping as it always does during a sweat sesh. I wasn't really noticing all that was around me until a large empty box of fast food caught my eye. And then I instantly felt like I was running through the city dump zone. 
Only I wasn't - it was a lovely little community near my hood.
It got me thinking about trash food and how we really are what we eat. Ya know...Garbage In = Garbage Out. I can't recall the last time I saw someone throw their empty green juice bottle to the side of the road. It's interesting when you think about how food is really a drug and affects how we process life & how we act.
As I kept running I continued to see the remnants of what so many people put into their bodies before casually littering our beautiful world. Am I being too judgmental to make the connection that eating crap food will cause you act crappy? 
When I first started eating more of a plant based, whole foods diet about 5 yrs ago it didn't come from a place of compassion for the environment or the animals. It was simply because all of my research led me to believe that this was truly the best approach to health through nutrition. Interestingly, as I continued to eat this way, the way I looked at the earth and animals did change.
 A switch was turned on. 
My reflection on my run this morning is this: Whatever your approach to eating - whether it be Vegan, Paleo or somewhere in between....by focusing on the whole food, natural & preferably organic state of your food, you will inevitably act different towards the earth and each other. Respect. 
For your body. for yourself. for the earth.
And you will most definitely have the energy to take your litter to the recycle bin...unlike the people involved in the "acts of crap" in the pics. Crazy that an Xlarge Double Double from Tim Hortons couldn't give them the same energy ;) 
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