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Healthy Living Expert for Little Eco Footprint!

Healthy Mama Friends,
I have just signed on as a Healthy Living Expert with this awesome new company called Little Eco Footprint. I just love this idea and can't wait to share the details with you!
It's a company started by two awesome Mamas (from London - woot woot!) who are passionate about helping other mamas find products that are safe & non toxic for their babies...which can be tough to discover with all the crafty marketing out there!
They provide a monthly subscription box for Mom & Baby filled with healthy, natural & eco-friendly products that real moms have selected for you (aka your personal shoppers). You pay $25/mo for the box and receive between $35 -$45 worth of products tailored to the age of your child and the current season. 
As part of their Healthy Living Expert panel, you will also receive an article from me each month in your box!
They are launching in Feb 2013, but you can click this link to request an invite to be part of their beta list...which will ensure you are on the member list (which is limited) and you will receive special privaleges! 
I just think this is the coolest - because as a busy & healthy Mom, I never seem to have the time to browse all the latest clean + green products for my kids & myself. 
And the idea of having a package delivered to my door each month makes me just a little giddy!

Check them out!

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