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Fitness and Nutrition Update v. 2013

Hello 2013!
Don't you love the sizzle that Jan brings? And the collective motivation to give HEALTH the position on the priority list it deserves. Amidst all the information out there on how to effectively set resolutions that will stick, I want to offer a simple approach.

Take a a little time this week - even if it's just 20 min after you put the kids to bed. Sit Quiet. Light a candle. Think about this past year.

Look at your 2012 calendar and your instagram pics. What were the highlights in your reel? Think about why.
What didn't serve you? What plans did you make that were a waste of time? What did you spend time doing that caused you to feel bad about yourself? 

From there, map out a 2013 that is going to leave you feeling really good about yourself. Glowingly, Radiantly Good. {If you want to expand on this kind of soul work then join me for The Dharma Class coming up this Sunday!}

I hope part of your vision of your 2013-self includes focusing on an area of your health that could use a little tune up. There are so many coaches, trainers & informative programs out there but it's super important to find one that you really connect with and will be inspired into action by! If you like my approach, I've got lots of exciting programs and seminars to get that fire started and would LOVE to help you meet your glowing self!!

Launching end of Jan ~ So excited about this! It's been on my  list for about a year now. A few months ago, I approached my good friend Gillian Mandich, who is a fellow lover of holistic health, about co-hosting the pod with me. She practically choked on her green juice and said yes! Through our bi-weekly podcast, THE HOLISTIC HEALTH DIARY, we will aim to infuse your life with a dose of healthy goodness! I'd love for you to take a moment and follow our Twitter & FB links for the podcast below...that way you'll stay up to date on our launch and all future episodes. And if you have any ?'s you'd like for us to address during listener Q+A - please feel free to post them on those channels! And we're keeping the pod to 30 min long so it will be the perfect companion while you whip up a healthy dinner or power through a morning cardio sesh! 
Podcast Media Channels:
Twitter: HHDiary
Facebook: Holistic Health Diary

 - EAT CLEAN :: GET LEAN - next session starts Jan 9th!
 - Group training: brand new structure with a weekly assignment and more accountability! 6wk series consisting of a weekly 1 hr group workout & nutrition assignment. 
 - Indoor Stroller Bootcamp - Tues & Thurs starting Jan 8th 
 - The Dharma Class - building your 2013 roadmap 

 - EAT CLEAN :: GET LEAN starts Sat, Jan 26th 930a-11a and runs for 4 consecutive Saturdays. I've had a lot of requests to bring this popular program online and I'm so excited! You can find out more info about it HERE.
Each week builds upon the previous, so I encourage you to sign up for the total of the 4 weeks, but you do have the option of signing up for individual weeks based on the topic if you'd like. CLICK HERE if you'd like to register yourself to be part of the first online group!!
 - 2013 Hol:Fit Health Challenge: "FOOD NOT PHOOD" kicks off Jan 7th - stay tuned!
 - The Sustainable Healthy Kitchen Webinar: 1st one sold out but I've added a bunch of new class times starting end of this month! Here's a little preview of the class:
I'm passionate about helping you change your life - please let me know how I can continue to support you this year!!
☮ + ❤
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