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Eat Clean :: Get Lean ONLINE!


UPDATE! Brand new format + coaching coming in June 2015 - stay tuned for that!

If you're looking to cleanse your old ways & finally get serious about your health + your goals...then this is your Roadmap! 
Join me, no matter where in the world you live! Empower yourself with the knowledge & tools to get sustainable results!

  • We'll meet for a live 1hr Holistic Health Seminar. {see link for current schedule and if you can't make the live seminar - you will receive the recording}. 
  • You'll be provided with a workout to be completed 3-4x that week. 
  • You'll be asked to apply specific Health Habits each week to build confidence & momentum.
  • For accountability: you'll complete an online Food + Move Log to track your workouts and 1 day of eating, which I'll give you feedback on. 

  • WK1: FOUNDATIONS OF CLEAN EATING + FUNCTIONAL WORKOUT {Real Food, Foods to Eliminate, Macros, Organics + Water intake} 
  • WK2: PLANNING TO BE HEALTHY + TABATA WORKOUT {Meal planning, Grocery Shopping + The Math behind losing weight} 
  • WK3: DETOXING FOR A CLEAN BODY + DETOXIFYING YOGA {Detoxing Foods & Rituals, Holistic Beauty, Detoxing your Home + Social life} 
  • WK4: SUPERFOODS, STRESS BUSTERS + STRONG CORE {Stress, Sprouting, Acid vs Alkaline, Probiotics + Superfoods) 
RESOURCES + TOOLS you'll be provided with:

  • 5 LIVE Holistic Health/Nutrition Seminars each week on the topics above {recording avail if you can't attend the live session} 
  • A New Workout each week to do at home that will co-incide with the Nutrition Topic that week {video & program card of workout provided} 
  • An 85 page eBook with all of the Resources, Recipes, Workouts & Weekly Goals! {see images below for a glimpse} 
  • Online Food + Move Log to track your progress 
  • HolFit Grocery Shopping List 
  • Kitchen, Beauty & Social Detox List 
  • Access to over 1000 clean, mostly plant based + Gluten Free Recipes as well as DIY Cleaning + Beauty Recipes 
  • Encouragement + Accountability within our Private Facebook Group
  • Full email & social media support throughout program {holla using #ecgl) 
  • 3 Prizes to be won based on engagement throughout the 30 days!!!
  • 25% off an upcoming online class/program with me such as The Ready Set GLOW Detox, The Healthy Sustainable Kitchen, DIY Probiotics + Sprouting or personal coaching! 

And the best part? You're always part of the group and welcome to join along with all future groups that go through the sessions. The program + eBook is updated with every new on boarding, so you'll always have fresh inspiration at your fingertips!!


---> SPRING: Mar 25 - April 21

---> SUMMER: June 10 - July 7

---> FALL: Oct 20 - Nov 10


---> WINTER: Jan 19 - Feb 16

---> SUMMER: June 22 - July 20  SOLD OUT!

---> FALL/WINTER: Oct 12 - Nov 9  SOLD OUT!

---> SPRING: March 29 - April 26
A glimpse of included E-Book:

❤ from recent clients that completed ECGL:

"I can't quite figure out what's so magical about Ange's programs. She gives all kinds of good information with background research and common-sense goals. She has said herself that she's put a lot of great information out there for free, and her podcast is an awesome source of information and inspiration, but her programs are special. It's partly because she curates a great community of support. It's partly because the strategies she presents toe the line between deceptive simplicity and impossible difficulty. But I think it's mostly because she has traveled this road to health and truly feels passionate about helping others find the path and stay on it. She's not dogmatic or judgmental, and she's quick to personalize a program. Anyone could lead a bunch of ladies in a brand-name diet for 30 days, but Ange really created a program that is a well-thought-out journey, with a roadmap, and a group of wild ladies with whom to enjoy the ride. This is the first time I have seen my body change over a short month, and I was never asked to starve or exhaust myself. This program is about strength and empowerment. And best of all, the community stays even after the program is done." ~ Liz

"As a law student, my health often takes a backseat to stress and assignments. After ECGL, I feel like there are so many holistic things I can implement in my life to achieve my goals. Initially, I was interested in ECGL for the health tips, but it took on a life of its own and became a way to check in on my life to see what more I could do for myself and those around me. I am so much more aware of how I should be treating my body and myself." ~ Olivia T

"Angela's ECGL class is jam packed with information presented in an informal manner. It allowed me to begin to build a healthier me! I like her enthusiasm for being healthy and her depth of knowledge. Also, her kindness and support and encouragement to us to be supportive of each other." ~Paula C

"The EC:GL workshop was incredibly beneficial in kick starting my goal to leading a healthier lifestyle. Having Ange share amazing tips to help you feel better, organize your home and lifestyle to support healthy living was invaluable! It was great to sweat it out the first half the workshop, and then cool down in a safe and relaxed learning environment! Worth EVERY penny and drop of sweat!" ~ Susan B

"I received confirmation, encouragement and guidance in getting myself and family healthy from this workshop! I would recommend it to friends & family who are looking for guidance in a healthy life style! " ~ Dannon L

"Ange packs so much knowledge into her programs and her approach engages and motivates program participants. An inspiring advocate for healthy living!" ~ Kim M

"Ange's example is key to the success of the program. It's one thing to read about what causes optimal health, but it is much more meaningful to see that someone is actually living that way. She is a glowing example of optimal health. She gently, yet effectively, guides you along your path to well-being. " ~ Rebecca D

"This course was a great inspiration and springboard for me to get back on track to getting fit and eating clean!I've been working out at home and feeling the healthiest I have in a long time! I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and inspiration you gave me then and daily as I follow you on your various media sites. Hope you know it's worth what you do everyday! Thanks Ang!" ~ Anni B

"After being in this program for 4 weeks I wonder how I could have lived the rest of my life without this knowledge! I can't say enough, how valuable this program will be for your long term health and wellness! My only regret is that I did not find Ang sooner!" ~ Sheila

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time in ECGL and the other classes that I've taken with you recently. I haven't finished with ECGL yet... still trying to catch up on things like the inspiration board etc... and, actually, I consider it all a change in lifestyle that will be ongoing for me and my family. I have been exploring nutrition and holistic health for almost two years now but needed a jolt to get me back into yoga and solidify my commitment to whole foods etc... you helped me do that so thank you. Seriously, thank you!!" ~Alexandra D

"Through ECGL I learned that there's a lot more to being healthy than looking skinny. There's just so many ways I can improve my health. It's not just exercises and eating right. It's a lifestyle. It's a whole system - physical, mental, environmental. It's everything. I've took a basic nutrition course a year ago, which started me on the path, but it wasn't enough. This program really went into it. I learned about things I didn't even know existed. This program has really lit a fire under me. I know now that I can never turn back or resort to my unhealthy lifestyle. I'm too informed to do so. It's life changing."

"A great experience that I will carry with me forever! Ange was very knowledgeable, none of my questions went unanswered. I think this program would be great for anyone including those who just need to push the refresh button on their already healthy lifestyles. A great, supportive environment that definitely makes this program fun! I found that Facebook group very motivating and loved the topics that we covered! You were truly an inspiration and are so knowledgeable in the things that we learned. It wasn't just a basic, run of the mill, "diet" program but a holistic approach to health that made you feel healthier just setting up for it!"

"Thank you so, so much! I've been vegan for years and grew up with a mom that felt good nutrition is hugely important. Even with a great foundation, there were so many ideas you presented that helped take my mindset all the way to nutrition 2.o! I've kicked my last bad habits (ahem, french fries!), and don't feel deprived! As a yoga devotee/teacher (not teaching now, but maybe soon!), I'm truly appreciating a new path to a well-established & varied fitness regimen. I'm so grateful for the gift you have shared with me, and hope that you continue sharing it for a long, long time!" ~K.H

"I liked challenging myself to eat healthier and make better choices. It was also amazing to learn more about nutrition and detox in general. I had a base knowledge, but it was awesome to expand that and start applying new things to my everyday life. I was such an addict before this, and constantly had gum in my mouth! I've also given up drinking coffee everyday... which is also quite epic for me ;) Before starting the program, I felt like I was constantly bloated and having stomach pain, so this whole program has been such an eye opener in terms of what foods my body requires to feel my best. I couldn't recommend it enough! I definitely had some slip ups, but that's life and I've seen how badly it makes me feel, so instead of beating myself up and sort of continuing the "fall off the wagon" I regroup the next day and remind myself how much better I feel eating clean." ~J Ireland

"Making some of the simple changes you suggested has created a life style change that will follow me for the remainder of my life. I have more energy and changed my disposition for the better. Actually being able to see these changes right away has fostered the rest of my family to do the same which makes these changes so much easier to maintain.
Thank you for openly sharing your information.You have inspired me so much and I am excited about my future." ~ L Sheehan

"I really enjoyed this 4 week program. It was the perfect combo of movement, clean eating and “life creation”. I have learned so much from you and it makes me excited to just keep moving forward.You really are an inspiration to me for living the life that you want" ~ A.D

Can't wait to lead you on this awesome journey!!
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