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Seasonal Shifts + LIttle Eco Footprint {March Delivery}

What's up April?
Cleanse :: Renewal :: Refresh :: Raw :: Sweat.....
Just a few words that come to mind on the 1st of April....what do you think of? It's time to dust off the juicer and start planning the veggie plots. I love the shift going on right now...the days are longer, the meals are gradually getting more raw and I'm ready to exchange knitting & soup for gardening & Yonanas (oh my word...have you tried it)
I was able to get out for run the other day - it's still pretty cold here in my corner of the world but I can feel the buzz of Spring. Seasons rock. But Spring & Summer rock the most! I've got a b.u.s.y month with the Muskoka Retreat and then some biz travel out to Whistler with Lululemon {can't wait to share more details on that!} Just focusing on having a solid gameplan in place each day and watching the stress levels...which just happens to be the topic of our 4th episode on the podcast ;)

I also received the March shipment of the Little Eco Footprint - a super fab delivery box program for Mamas that's full of healthy & green products for my girls & I. It's such a nice treat to find this on my doorstep mid month! You can sign up for the service HERE.

I present you the March box:
...I opened this up on Sunday morning before Church and was very pleased to see my fave stain remover, soy crayons and a few generous pouches of Organic Banana Munch - all of which I tossed into my giant purse, confidently knowing I had everything I needed to get through a busy Sunday ;)
  • Soy, wax free Crayon Rocks that are perfect for little hands (just be careful of little mouths)
  • Natural Foam Wash from Carre Jaune which could be used on babies & Mamas. I added it into my coconut oil/baking soda cleansing ritual and it was amazing!
  • A natural stain remover stick from Buncha Farmers was the highlight for me...this stick smells divinely fresh and is super effective! Perfect for keeping in your purse.
  • A large giraffe growth chart by Ecojot that my 3.5yr old Chloe was very proud to be "off the charts" with. It's nice that my 18 month old Emme can have something all to her own for once ;)
  • The infant/toddler snacks by First Food Organics were a hit..I should also note that I caught my husband stealing some of the Banana Munch Mix & Yogurt Yums....not sure what to make of that.
  • A small bottle of Orange Vanilla Body Wash by John Masters Organics will be part of every hot shower I have at the gym this month - it is so delicious smelling!
  • A $10 giftcard for Boske Kids which is a Canadian owned & operated company that has the most adorable clothing & accessories. And I love that their brand means Forest Kids 
Lastly  - the booklet of articles submitted by myself and the panel of Little Eco Footprint Experts has awesome Healthy & Green information! Last month, my contribution was on What Motherhood Taught Me About Health. You can find more articles from last month posted to the LEF blog. For next month, I'm writing an article on sneaky ways to multitask Fitness & Motherhood - stay tuned!

☮ + ❤

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