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April Recap + Little Eco Footprint Review

The last 4 weeks have ran on pure jet fuel...that's to be expected though as they were also full of some of the most amazing life experiences to date...a few items of which I'll expand on in future blog posts.

★ April kicked off with a little vacay to Mexico - just me and the sahweet hubs for 4 days of total bliss.
★ Lead 25 women through a beautiful Retreat weekend in Muskoka filled with yoga, bootcamp, juicing, smoothies, beauty seminars and amazing raw vegan cuisine {a la my cohost Mary}. Basically all the essentials to live a rockin' healthy life.  While I was leading the retreat, my friend + cohost of our podcast, The Holistic Health Diary, sat down with Rich Roll & his wife Julie Piatt to bring your our very first interview.

★ Then I hopped right on a plane out to Whistler to spend 3 awesome days with the most inspiring Lululemon leaders & ambassadors from around the continent....will elaborate more on this in a future post as it was full of nuggets I'd like to share with you.

★ I lead another online class on how to make your own Kombucha, Kefir + Sprouts at home. This is one of my fave classes to teach as you not only learn a key way to ramp up your health but it's so freakin' cheap to make your own. I have noticed truly remarkable differences in my own health since I added fermented drinks & foods into my diet last year. You can purchase the recording and Ebook for the class HERE.

★ Led the first class of my 6 week Run ~Yasa Program with over 15 women learning to run their first 5km with juicy yoga after

★ And to kick off May - I launched The Ready, Set, GLOW 7 day Detox. This is a guided cleanse program that I'll be running the first week of every month. The May group has about 60 women cleansing their bodies + their life and they wrap up this Sunday. They have been reporting awesome results in their skin, digestion and weight...but more importantly, they have accessed their power. They are moving their lives from good to great. {it is so much more than the diet}
Registration is now open for the June cleanse if you'd like to join me.

Reflecting back on all of this, I am so grateful to have these opportunities to connect and share my passion with you. I attended a leadership event today and spent some time condensing what I believe my purpose to be in all of this and here was what leaped from my heart to the page:
I make GLOWING HEALTH accessible to people worldwide through innovative teaching + creative connection.
Boom. Feeling ultra clear about that one.

In the middle of all of this bus-y-ness, I came home one day to find my April Little Eco Footprint shipment waiting for me...and not to play favourites card - but this box was very fun!
So many little goodies to share:

  • Earth Berries Soap Nuts: I love nuts...love soaking them, eating them and now I can love them in the laundry room. They're enviro friendly and affordable and natural. Love em! I've been making my own liquid deterg for a while now but will definitely be keeping these on hand for back up.
  • Elma + Sana Moroccan Argan Oil: Was very excited to receive this as I have fallen in love with oil cleansing my face. I apply this on after I cleanse to areas that need extra love such as under the eyes and cuticles. And the aroma is so soothing.
  • Smith Farms all natural lip tint: A sheer and beautiful red colour perfect for summer. Now you see why this box was super fun!
  • A set of natural blocks from Re-Wood Toys provided a little extra time for me to eat my lunch the day the box arrived. I'm a sucker for anything wood and these are so sweet!
  • 2 large bags of Prana Organic snacks - tamari almonds and a dark chocolate nut mix. I think I had about 2 almonds before my husband scarfed both bags on me. Seriously delish! 
  • Some awesome discount cards were included for $15 to spend at Wee Woolies and $7 off for Maple Hills Dryer Balls
  • And a little booklet with lots of inspirational nuggets from myself and my fellow team of Healthy Living Experts. My contribution this month was on sneaky ways to add more exercise into your day!

If you'd like to subscribe yourself or gift a special Mama in your life, CLICK HERE and enter coupon code MOTHERSDAY to save 15% off your first month as a new member!
☮ + ❤

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