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In the Kitchen with Jillian Michaels

So this happened....
On Monday - one of the editors from Chatelaine Mag invited me to come in to Toronto for a meet & greet with Jillian Michaels in their Chatelaine Kitchen. So fun right?
Myself and a group of girls already have tix for her tour when she passes through London on Friday night, but how cool to have some 1:1 time with her beforehand! I was allowed to bring a friend up with me so I grabbed my girl Gill {aka podcast co-hostess} and we tripped up with a bag full of green juice, kombucha & a few Tiny Devotions Malas to gift out. {Gave her the Mama Mala}

My experience with her that day and through being a long time listener of her podcast is that she is an authentic & caring leader in this industry...even though the public pulse on her is that she's a big meanie as "America's Toughest Trainer". I think becoming a Mama this year has also put a different chip in her and has softened her approach some.

I asked her about what "ritual" she keeps that helps her stay grounded and in a place of being able to give so much all the time. She responded about how fulfilling her work is so she doesn't necessarily feel like she's "giving all the time" But hey - everybody's got their thing right? Mine has been an evolving process in the early morning lately with a sweat, meditation & planning sesh before the girls get up.
I'll come back to that question with Jillian sometime soon - because the other Gillian in my life and I are manifesting an interview with her on our Podcast. This has to happen- I think the 3 of us would have some fun hashing about health! And we're grateful to have been #2 on iTunes right behind her several times over the last few weeks!!

Here are a few healthy nuggets she shared with the group:

★ "Your health is the platform that your entire life is built upon"
★ "Reconnect with the life you want, not the one you think you should be living"
★ "You must be present and emotionally connected to your "why" for being healthy"
★ "80% of my time & energy goes to my work and children and 20% goes to herself. But I shift focus wherever the squeaky wheel is that day" She elaborated on this to say that in order to be a great mom, you have to take time for yourself
★ "My kids don't go to McDonalds, because they don't know it exists! If they don't know about it, they won't want it" I totally agree with this but there are obviously environments that sabotage this such as school settings and they odd trip to the grandparents ;) My own approach with this is to not bring the junk in the house, to eat the same meals together (ie - Mama doesn't just have a salad at night while the kids have mac n cheese) and to teach my kids to connect feeling great with eating

You can purchase tickets to her Maximize Your Life Tour HERE...inspiration to start living your best life now!

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