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It's Been a Biz Couple a....

Morning health luvas! The 2nd round of The Ready, Set GLOW 7 day HolFit Detox has kicked off and I'm excited to be leading another 60 women through this cleansing week. We be juicin' and showing off our smoothie moves for the first part of the day and then we're adding nutrient dense goodness at the dinner table at night. I will be running one more guided cleanse the first week of July if you'd like to join and then will be putting it on hold until the fall.

A few other upcoming Online classes/programs I have running:
★ This Sunday is my next Meal Prep Webinar - streaming right from my kitchen, called The Sustainable Healthy Kitchen - also comes with an eBook full of recipe links & resources I mention during the class.

My popular 4 week Fitness + Nutrition series called EAT CLEAN :: GET LEAN is starting up again on June 10. This is the last time I'll be running this Online Bootcamp until the Fall so if you want to establish a sustainable healthy life for yourself and rockin' summer bod then please join us! You can register HERE.

I just got back from spending the day up at the Toronto Pro SuperShow with my girl Gillian that I host the podcast with {The Holistic Health Diary}. She was working with the Oxygen team and competing in a Charity Crossfit competition. We also hooked up with our friend Zach Schieck who is a passionate 'evangelist' in spreading the word about the danger of GMOs (Genetically Modified Foods) and we recorded a podcast with him which will be released this coming Monday.
I swear we weren't spray tanned right before this pic was taken!
I'm also participating in a fun challenge that my friend Mary Beth LaRue is running called #Dailysoul.  It's running the month of June on Instagram and you simply post a pic showing what inspires you, and lights you up from the inside out..."something that feeds your soul. anything from handstands, hiking, family, friends, food, pets, to green grass, blue sky, stretchy pants, a good beer, etc."

And lastly, wanted to announce the winner of the Koge Supplement Giveaway as chosen through RandomOrg......congrats to Bragan with the following entry:

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