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LOVE + LEMONS: healthy gourmet group

Back in Feb - a bunch of us girlfriends that share a passion for healthy living & delish, REAL FOOD decided to start up a monthly healthy gourmet group aptly titled Love + Lemons.
We are all busy women and this 1x a month meetup is so refreshing - catchup time, creative sharing and inspiration over nourishing foods. We've also added an educational element to nights which has involved usually educating the group on the nutritional benefits of the foods in our recipes or research on different food approaches. 
Sexy Food Night - we invited a local Sexpert this night! 
Lemon Sucking Challenge
We've been doing this for 6 months so far and the topics we've done are:

☮ Raw

☮ High Protein Vegetarian

☮ Cleansing Foods

☮ Ocean + Surf + Summer

☮ Sexy Food

☮ Fresh from the Ground; Ripe from the Tree

Basically - we rotate who hosts and all the guests bring their assigned food.
...My next hosting night the theme is going to be on all Fermented Foods #happygut #happylife

My YouTube Challenge to you this week was to plan some Summery fun into your schedule and planning an event like this with your gal pals would totally fit the bill!

I promised you on Facebook that I would post the recipes that I made for our group night as I was responsible for the Main Dish. Here they are:

topped wtih Peach Jalapeno Salsa, Avocado & Onion Sprouts

Have a great weekend! I'm competing in Irongirl Canada this Sunday - wish me luck!


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