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Caulie Rice

One of the main reasons y'all visit Hol-Fit is for healthy foodie inspiration. And I'm not surprised given that each of us make approx 200 decisions daily ABOUT FOOD each day. Whaaat?

We're all busy health seekers and I'm always looking for ways to educate on how to have it all...glowing health, vibrant energy + full lives. On that note - I'm currently creating content for 2 new healthy kitchen webinars which will launch close to the Holidays...you guys are gonna   em!

Tonight I "riced" some organic cauliflower while I had some proteins cooking up {salsa, kale + black beans for the hubs and wild whitefish for the girls} and thought - this is too good not to share with you:

We're all getting pretty savvy about what's up with gluten and looking for healthy alternatives as opposed to buying gluten free products {which can be just as problematic with all of their starches} This caulie rice totally fits the bill and it couldn't be easier to make!

Soak caulieflower in a vinegar/water bath for a few minutes. While it's bathing - separate and discard the stems. Rinse with some water and toss a bunch of florets into food processor and pulse it till it's like rice. One head of caulieflower will make approx 6 cups of "rice". I like to freeze 1/2 of it for later use.
You'll notice in exhibit A that I have a yummy soy candle close by. Your body will love the sulphur content of caulie...your nose, not so much ;)
My fave way to cook it up is with a quick dry fry to get off extra moisture, then I season with salt, pepper & nutritional yeast. So yum!!
Another way I like to use this is in my Caulie Pizza Crust Recipe

For those of you that need a little extra push...check out the nutritionals:
Caulie is...

* Detoxifying due to it's high sulphur content - giving it a big thumbs up for all of you doing my Fall 7 day Detox
* High in Anti-oxidants Vitamin C + Manganese and rich in phytonutrients, both which help reduce oxidative stress
* Anti-inflammatory due to it's high Vit K content. Chronic inflammation can significantly increase our risk of cancers & other chronic diseases

Caulie for the win.
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