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How About Dem Local Apples?

Took the girls to a local apple farm here in London {Appleland Station}and came back with 20lbs of Empires + Crispins. And what does one do with that many apples?

---> Fill a large glass bowl and make it the centrepiece of our table: pretty to look at and encourages healthy snacking
---> Make Soup. Apple, Squash, Parsnip soup to be exact. I always make a big batch of 30/30/30 soup on the weekends {30 for dinner, 30 for leftovers and 30 for the freezer}
---> Make Apple Hemp Muffins {again - freeze 1/2 the batch}
---> Dehydrate apple slices {I have/love my 9 tray Excalibur - simply peel, mandolin slice and add a little cinnamon if you like}
One of the things I love about storing my recipes in Plan to Eat is that I can just type in "apple" and up comes all the recipes I've posted there that have apples in the ingredients. #boomshakaapple {Click here for a free 30 day trial}

Just loving having this nice open weekend to hang at with these cuties....

Happy Weekend Loves,
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