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When your ❤ is walking outside of your body....

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” — Elizabeth Stone
Well...we have made it through our first 2 weeks of Chloe starting school and overall it's gone really great! Aside from the second day when she came home with not a sip of water taken and most of her lunch left untouched. #myworstnightmare
We're now in an awesome groove. She comes home quite tired so I've been trying to have dinner ready to go by 5pm cause she's doing the nightly crash around 7p. This is a huge adjustment for us because she used to go non stop from 630a until 10pm some nights.

And while it is exhausting some nights - I have been enjoying the lunch prep and the extra organizing the night before to make the mornings run stress free....I really see the impact of having extra time for cuddles, hairstyles and eating breakfast together. I've been using recipes + lunchbox ideas from my Back to School Webinar/eBook, lots of crockpot meals and following the routines I set out in there. 
The other little being that has really taken note of the start of school is Emmerson. Most days when we drop Chloe off, Emme wraps her arms around me as I walk back to the car, as if to say "this day is all mine now." But that gets old by about 230p when she's standing at the door mourning her "jeje". Chris and I keep talking about how we can't believe how hard we used to think it was with just 1 child....cause life feels almost too easy during the day now. Perspective.
Anyways...just wanted to check in on here. I haven't been blogging very much but have preferred to use Facebook & Instagram more to share the daily happenings & musings. Beyond this home-life transition, biz has been keeping me graciously busy - released a few more episodes this last month to the podcast I co-host, The Holistic Health Diary and have some great news to share shortly that involves TV :)
I also have a few program launches happening in October that you might want to be a part of if you're needing a reboot. My next Newsletter will be out later in the week with all the details on that {as well as a 20% promo code for all subscribers - booya!!}

Take good care health luvas,

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