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Happy Health[ier] Halloween

Trick or Treat!!

Are you interested in learning a few tricks to help you keep rockin' as the healthy family you are during this time of year?
I LOVE the excitement of this time of year - it is so much more fun seeing it through my girls' eyes! And my girls know - that our healthy home vibe is in living the 80/20 rule. 
We don't make 'perfect the enemy of good'.

What I mean by that is that I love to look for ways to let them enjoy a little tradition without inducing an immune + digestion system crash.  So I thought I would share some great ways to create a fun, safe & healthier halloween season for your littles. 

> Read a book each night to the glow of the lit pumpkins [or a plug in version]

> Diffuse beautiful fall spicy oils [that will also boost your child's immune system] My fave combo for Halloween is this blend --->

> Pumpkin everything: Roast pumpkins and find lots of creative recipes to use up the flesh/seeds. Serving soup/chili in mini roasted pumpkin bowls is always fun.

> Pumpkin carving fun: light some candles outside, eat soup in mugs, tunes on, fire going ... we did this the other night and loved it!

> Know the 8 tips to make this Halloween safer for kids with food allergies

> Be the home that gives out fun stuff like: 
  Stickers ❤ Pens ❤ Notepads  Tattoos ❤ Bubbles ❤ Playdough  Colouring Books  Glow Sticks  Raisin Boxes ❤ Pretzel Packs  Dark Chocolate Squares ❤ Quinoa Cookies   Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops & Gummy Treats  

> You may have also heard about a NEW teal pumpkin approach. You paint one of your pumpkins to let kids in your hood know that you're handing out non-food treats! Love this!!!

And now for the genius idea...

Have you guys heard of The Switch Witch? This is the cutest! It's basically a 'candy currency' idea where after your kids have come home with their candy, they can choose a few of their fave pieces in then they toss all the rest into a large bucket/cauldren to be picked up by the Switch Witch. She then leaves for them a small gift in exchange. Boom! 

To make this successful - there is actually a poem (attached to the left) you can read to your kids leading up to Halloween (to tee up the big exchange)

Well...my kids didn't respond so well to the Switch Witch idea mostly because of the wording - so I put some peppermint oil on my temples and got to work.

Enjoy this HOL:FIT rendition:

Happy + Safe Halloween!

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