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Client Story: This is one Glowing Mama ❤

Today I'm bringing you a really inspiring post from one of my clients Amanda
{photos by http://clairedamphotography.com/}
I'm not one for playing favourites, but this girl is super special to me and I'm so honoured to have been a part of her health journey & to share this with you today.
I will always remember when I met Amanda on the first day of Stroller Bootcamp. She kept to herself for a few weeks and then I saw the light start to glow within. She was getting charged up on healthy living, her increased energy was apparent and there was a REAL transformation taking place.

After bootcamp ended, she joined me for my 4 week Holistic Health program called Eat Clean :: Get Lean and it was then that she really let me into her life.

Over the last 2 years, she has had a spot in every program I've run - I've coached her through 40 weeks of pregnancy during Group Training, run by her side to cross her first 5k finish line, had her in several Stroller Bootcamp Sessions and various other seminars & webinars.

She is the ultimate example to me of someone that stepped up, put herself first in a role that always comes with a big GUILT tag attached & has not only accessed her LIFE 2.0 but has elevated the lives of those that depend on her. I love this girl.
Go put the kettle on and get cozy - I think you might find a bit of yourself in her story...
When I first started out on my adventures with HolFit, I felt like I was at my rock bottom. My son was almost turning a year old, and even though I was nursing, I was struggling to lose weight, in fact I was at my heaviest, weighing more than I did while pregnant. I had been told countless times that the weight would just fall off since I was breastfeeding, burning those extra calories, so needless to say, I became very frustrated and disappointed in myself and I felt ashamed, like I was failing as a new mother. Finally I couldn't take feeling so down on myself any longer. I was constantly depressed, bursting into tears at any moment which put a bit of a strain on my relationship with my husband and with my little one. Instead of being able to freely live, I felt like I had to hide away. I didn't feel like I was able to express how much I loved my little family, because I was too caught up in my own issues. My husband told me that if I was upset, I needed to do something about it. I needed to be proactive. I then went online and started searching for the help I needed to feel better and rid myself of the toxicity I was surrounding myself in.
I discovered Ange and HolFit through Rebirth Wellness. At first I was intimidated by her, as she was so full of energy and just radiated this beautiful glow. How could someone like her relate to someone like me, I thought. When I began training with her through stroller bootcamp, I remember laughing to myself when she said that our goals shouldn't just be about fitting into our skinny jeans, as we needed to make a deep down change for this lifestyle to stick. All I thought I wanted at that moment was to slim down and lose weight so I could wear whatever I wanted. I just wanted to be skinny. I thought that was the answer to the happiness and confidence I was seeking, but I soon discovered that I was wrong.

As I trained with Ange, her advice and the way she led by example began to sink in, and I slowly started making some changes in my own life. I remained wary at first, being a slightly pessimistic person by nature, but I could feel my mind beginning to open to let her light in. Soon I wasn't only looking forward to our early morning workouts in the park, but also to soak up any knowledge she was willing to share about living life to the fullest, being your true best self and by remembering to surround yourself with positive people. Over time I started noticing that my happiness was following me home from my sessions and was spilling out into my life at home. I started feeling energetic, less negative, and began living in the moment instead of worrying about what was down the road.
I was finally becoming the person I didn't even know I wanted to be! It is so rewarding to see the hard work pay off, and spread into other aspects in my life I didn't know would be affected with these changes. I feel like Ange helped shape me inside and out to be a strong, patient, loving and encouraging mother, and to be less judgmental and more accepting, as you never know where people are on their own paths. I started seeing everything in a different light. I stopped worrying about what others thought and just focused on my family. I was soon able to fit into my skinny jeans, but that no longer seemed as important anymore.

When I became pregnant with baby #2, I was still working out with Ange. You can say I'm a bit addicted. :) I was determind to keep my fitness up, as I didn't want to lose the momentum I had built while training with Ange, and she was able to customize my workouts as my pregnancy progressed. Ange trained with me right up until the week my baby was born, and I'm proud to say I could pretty much keep up with the others in my group. ;)
{Mandie at 35 weeks pregnant}
Being surrounded in such a healthy, encouraging group of likeminded women is an amazing experience, and I like to think they all helped me through that pregnancy. It was such a different experience from my first pregnancy. I was stronger, had more energy, no back pain, no extra weight gain, felt more present, no leg cramping- and the labour? Well, coupled with some awesome midwives, I was able to have my baby naturally and felt on top of the world. I went into this labour feeling prepared, mentally and physically, knowing how strong my body was and trusting that it would be able to handle whatever it needed to. I felt, for the first time, how truly powerful a woman's body actually is. I felt in control, and I felt alive.

I pretty much bounced back after my son was born, craving the workouts I was missing and the connection with Ange and those other amazing women. I'm now figuring out how to fit my lifestyle and this growing family together, but I know we will find a solution, as this is who we are now, and we have made our health as a family a priority. We have made fitness a regular part of our daily lives and fuel our bodies with real, whole foods. Who knew I would become a gal who drinks green smoothies? I am so proud of how much I've grown and how far my little family has come. I feel that I can now fully enjoy my kiddos and family and have the freedom to live in the moment with them.

Pregnancy is such a magical and life changing stage in life, and yet you never really realize how much your life will change once that little one is there in your arms. It is at that moment where the once confident woman begins to feel little trickles of doubt sneak in. This is the moment where you can become consumed by your fears, worries and get caught up forgetting about yourself as an individual (it is so easy to lose yourself!), or become empowered, open up to embrace the change and let yourself grow with it. This is such a delicate moment, but at the same time, one of the most powerful moments of metamorphosis, where we become a mother; a superhero with super sonic hearing, with the ability to multitask like it's nobody's business, to love in a way that makes your heart ache daily, with the urge to give, give, give and soothe away all tears with a simple sway of the hips, a soft touch and the quiet hum that radiates from your inner soul. Seriously ladies, we are pretty amazing creatures!
One important lesson I learned is that during this time in your life, you cannot forget to care for yourself. You need to be happy with who you are and be your best self, so you in turn, can give your family the best. Your children can only benefit when you make your health a priority, and it helps instill a sense of wellbeing and influences them to make the right choices down the road.
With Ange's support, passion and guidance, I was able to not only find my core, but the core of my family. We have become stronger, more active, more connected and feel so fulfilled. We look forward to bettering ourselves, growing and learning more as we continue down this path as role models of a healthy lifestyle for our children. I truly feel so blessed and am so thankful to have met such an inspirational woman. Thank you Ange! I really hope we are still working out together well into our 80's.

Oh, and yes, I fit back into my skinny jeans. ;) 

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