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HolFit Healthy Shopping Guide

We're heading home from Florida in a few days  and while this has been an awesome vacay, Chloe woke up this morning and declared that she missed her London home and had a dream about receiving 2 candy canes from Santa {but that one was not for Emme} 
I give Floridians full credit for putting up making their homes look Christmasy without the cold + snow, but I find it hard to get into the spirit being here. Perhaps digging our car out of 5 feet of snow in the airport parking lot will shift that perspective a bit ;)

I'm excited to make magic for the girls....our Dec will be filled with these kinds of goodies:
What special/traditional things do you do? Let's share + inspire!
One of my other fave things to do this time of year is to get real cozy with a
 mug of superfood hot cocoa and SHOP!

And I've put together a special Holiday Shopping Guide for you cause I know you're more interested in happy adrenal glands than waiting in line like a crazy person ;) This has lots of my fave products, books & gadgets in it as well as programs I'm offering to make 2014 your healthiest year yet! There's also a special Cyber Monday promo code in there for my classes as well as many other time sensitive promo codes so you'll want to check this out asap!

Happy Shopping!
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