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The Tiny Devotions HolFit Mala is Here!

I'm so excited + honoured to share the Tiny Devotions HolFit Mala with you!
When I designed this Mala, I wanted it to reflect strength, beauty and the right amount of playfulness, as that is what I aim to inspire within each of you through this website, my programs + my coaching.

This Mala is for YOU, because....
You are fit to do big things in this life and take time to get super clear on what it will take to get there.
You are a lover of green juice + dark chocolate, sweat + smoothies.
You approach life in a holistic way, with the perfect balance of grit and play. 
This Mala's intention is to remind you of how far you’ve come, inspiring you and assisting you to live in your sweet spot.
You are the HolFit girl. 
Details: Pyrite, Hematite, Cherry Quartz, Black Onyx, Rudraksha 
Length: 35 Inches 

Inlakesh {I am another you},

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