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The Mama Lens

This morning during the walk from our parked car to Chloe's school, I lens-shifted 4 times in 2 minutes.
"I don't want to go to school" shifted to "You're getting smarter + more creative every day b/c of school"

"It's cold out" shifted to "Doesn't the sun feel so good on your cheeks?"

"Emme is annoying me" shifted to "Isn't it special to have a sister that looks up to you every day + just wants to be like you?"

"But I'm gonna miss you Mama" shifted to "Me too! And missing someone just means you love them big time."

There are certainly times where I have parented 'below the line' and in a moment of frustration, snapped at my kids and sent them to their rooms. This never really works out for either parties and as I debrief in my head why it was that I reacted that way, I realize I didn't stop, breathe + shift. {the mama approach to stop, drop + roll}

When I take a deep breath in the moment and quickly shift the complaint, I am teaching my girls how to dial up their experience in this life.

Being a Mama is a daily gifted challenge. As we were having this little morning walk banter, I caught myself grinning. I practice this lens shifting in my own life because of these 2 sweeties that I am blessed with. That quote above has always been my fave  - hope it sparks a little shift in you today too ;)


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