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When Your Child is Sick...

There's not much else that matters when your child is sick. It's been a rough week at our house - starting with Chloe last weekend coming down with some type of flu...me waiting to see if/when Emme would catch it to. Sure enough just as Chloe was feeling better yesterday, Emme was up all night with nausea and is now passed out on the couch next to me as I type this. There's a lot I should be doing right now but I feel compelled to sit and scribble this out to you.
I struggle when sickness comes into our home because I immediately feel at fault {as all mamas experience}. Was the food not nourishing enough? Too much technology while I 'bought' myself time to get some work done? Have I forgot to make sure they washed their hands before they ate? On a good day as a parent - you are never alone in your thoughts. Quoting Sofia Loren "A mother always has to think twice. Once for herself and once for her child."

As I look back on this week, I remind myself that kids do need to be sick once in a while - otherwise how will their immune system be carefully challenged as they grow? The lifestyle we lead as a family  has brought us through this awful winter with pretty solid immune systems...but when sickness hits, I have a game plan I'll share with you.

*the advice below is not meant to replace that of your doctor.*

The most important thing to know is that, by design, your body has within itself unbelievable capability to heal.When sickness takes over - the priority is to support the body as it works it's magic. Take a fever for example - this is one of the body's most useful approaches in healing. By raising the body's temperature it is killing off certain bacteria and viruses sensitive to these changes.

Here is what I do for my kids to support their little bods as they heal:

DIET: Lots of water, clear soups with garlic/onion and smoothies {coconut water, tbsp ea hemp + chia seeds, banana and pineapple is great}. Coconut water to replenish if they've been throwing up.

If they are feeling NAUSEOUS I make a massage oil of 1 drop doTERRA Digest Zen blend + 3 drops carrier oil and rub that into their belly + low back. They also like to inhale the peppermint oil. Fluids are the most important thing - limit foods. Again - work with this in making them comfortable but this is all part of their body's way of healing.

To relieve the discomfort of FEVER, I dilute 1 drop of doTERRA pure peppermint oil in 3 drops of carrier oil and massage this into their feet, the backs of their neck, their ear lobes and down the spine. I do this 3x a day and monitor their temperature to make sure it doesn't go past 102 degrees.

To support their body's goal in fighting a VIRUS, I apply doTERRA OnGuard essential oil blend directly to the bottoms of their feet 3-4x per day. OnGuard is 90% effective in stopping an infected virus cell from duplicating. It is better to apply this in small amounts throughout the day. I also diffuse it throughout the house and oil pull it with 1 tbsp olive oil in my own mouth every day.

If they are CONGESTED, I make a massage oil with 2 drops doTERRA Breathe essential oil blend + 4 drop carrier oil and massage that into their chest. I also put it in a small diffuser in their rooms. If they are having trouble settling - I will apply it directly to my own chest and snuggle them into me while they sleep propped up.

I clear my schedule as best I can. I think it's important to just be there as much as you can - for extra snuggle time. I like to put a calming channel on youtube such as this one and lie with my girls on the couch. It relaxes them when I pretend to put makeup on their face with my fingers as they close their eyes. Lots of REST + CUDDLING is important - I try to limit stimulation.

I really hope this provides you + your kids some relief when you face the next sick day. As you can see - I now incorporate doTERRA certified pure grade essential oils into so much of my + my family's routine. What a difference they have made! If you're looking to get started with the oil - the Family Physician Kit comes with everything I mentioned here and a few other gems.

You can check out the Essential Oils Page I created below the Hol:Fit banner above to learn more.

ps...If you live in London, ON - I'm hosting an essential oils, green smoothie + optimal health habits event on April 12th from 6-8pm...you should come!
Love + healing,

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