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Eat Clean :: Get Lean Summer 2014

We just wrapped the Summer Session of Eat Clean :: Get Lean. 
4 weeks of clean eats, fresh workouts, food strategies, webinars, sprouting, meal planning, prizes, detoxing + vision boarding magic.
All online.
Incredible bonds formed.

And lots of inspiring pictures shared over the 30 days. I am sooo proud of what this group accomplished!
Are you ready to join us?
Next session starts Oct 12th. Details Here

P R O G R A M  R E V I E W S
I hesitantly signed up for this course two days before it began. I messaged Ange saying "I eat crap. I don't exercise. I'm so far gone. I'm depressed and miserable. Would this program be too much for me?". She told me it would be perfect and that everyone comes to this program with their own struggles. She was absolutely right. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I will go ahead and say this program saved my life. I have learned so much in this program that my brain could explode. I knew all about eating healthy and exercising before, or so I thought, but implementation was my problem. This program was all about implementing and doing. Not just "talking" about being healthy, but doing it. Getting out to the grocery store and buying those "weird" foods you've never had before. Trying new recipes, workouts, ingredients, ways of looking at things.... It was all about seeing health in a new way and then DOING IT! Ange's gentle and compassionate ways, and the loving support I received from the ladies in the ECGL program, reminded me to cut myself some slack. I learned to want to feed myself nourishing foods from a place of love rather than a place of shame or hatred. I learned that "not planning, is planning to fail" and that "done is better than perfect". Ange clearly understands the cognitive and emotional challenges and struggles involved in setting goals for health, eating healthy, exercising, and balancing that with our day-to-day responsibilities of being mothers, wives, employees, etc.

What I feel is most special about ECGL and Ange's approach is that she is all about EMPOWERING women to live their best lives. Ange will not take the credit or glory for anything we have done. Instead she reminds us that we're the reason these changes happen and that we deserve to give credit to ourselves and not to her. She is too humble. It has forced me to realize that I succeeded in this program, not just because the program was incredible and Ange and the ladies supported me, but also because I did the hard work. I made a commitment to myself to take care of and love myself and to see this program through. And I did it! It's the first time in a long time that I believed I could do something that was difficult and I did not give up. It's an amazing feeling. And I have myself, Ange, and all my ECGL ladies to thank. 

"I can't quite figure out what's so magical about Ange's programs. She gives all kinds of good information with background research and common-sense goals. She has said herself that she's put a lot of great information out there for free, and her podcast is an awesome source of information and inspiration, but her programs are special. It's partly because she curates a great community of support. It's partly because the strategies she presents toe the line between deceptive simplicity and impossible difficulty. But I think it's mostly because she has traveled this road to health and truly feels passionate about helping others find the path and stay on it. She's not dogmatic or judgmental, and she's quick to personalize a program. Anyone could lead a bunch of ladies in a brand-name diet for 30 days, but Ange really created a program that is a well-thought-out journey, with a roadmap, and a group of wild ladies with whom to enjoy the ride. This is the first time I have seen my body change over a short month, and I was never asked to starve or exhaust myself. This program is about strength and empowerment. And best of all, the community stays even after the program is done."

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