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Hol:Fit Holiday Blitz Day 4 {health on the go}

Today I'm giving away 2 goodies ~ a tube of Peppermint + On Guard Beadlets!
I love keeping these in my purse, gym bag or car because it's a super convenient way to get essential oils when you need them. There's about 1/2 drop of oil in each of the 125 tiny beadlets in each tube.

If I feel a cold coming on and have a bit of a scratchy throat - I'll pop an On Guard beadlet in my mouth and it instantly coats my throat. If you haven't tried On Guard oil before - it's a beautiful blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. 
If I have a bit of bloating or just need to freshen my breathe - I'll pop a Peppermint bead. But one of my fave tricks if I have a tension headache or just need to boost my focus - is to pop a Peppermint beadlet between by fingers and rub into my temples - it works so well!
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*Giveaway runs from 8:00am EST ---> 11:59pm EST. Must unlock your entry by tagging 2 friends in the comments below this picture on Instagram. Additional entries will unlock after doing that. *

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See you tomorrow for the next giveaway!

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