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Hol:Fit Holiday Blitz day 5 {#1 first aid essential oil}

Hey loves,
Today I'm giving away one of my fave oils for topical application - doTERRA Melaleuca {or tea tree oil as it's commonly referred to in North America}.  This is one of those oils that I will always have an affinity for because it's one of the oils that really sold me on the purity + potency of doTERRA oils. Prior to - I had been using various brands of essential oils for more than 5 years. And while I liked them - I just didn't feel like they were doing all they were hyped up to do.
My first doTERRA experience was with a bottle of pure peppermint. I compared it to an organic peppermint I had bought from the health food store and it literally smelled skunky compared to the doTERRA one.
My next experience was with Melaleuca. This is another oil that many homes commonly have in their cabinet. The problem is - the world of essential oils is not governed. What this means is - when you buy an essential oil from the store -you have no idea what's in that bottle (most are diluted) or where it came from. 
One of the major reasons I fell in love with doTERRA was because of their Co-Impact Sourcing. They source their oils from all over the globe because with wild harvesting you are ensured the highest potency. And that's super important when you're concerned with having a therapeutic grade oil that's going to promote the body to heal.
 In addition, they are promoting sustainability and having a huge impact on the communities they work with ❤  

So back to my initial experience using doTERRA Melaleuca...
I had purchased my Home Essentials starter kit in Dec 2013 and that gave me about 10 of the most popular oils a home would use - Melaleuca being part of that kit. A few months later, Chloe came down with an ear infection...she had a mild fever, her ear was hot and red and she was in a terrible mood.
I clicked on www.neweverythingessential.me {<--- empowerment lives here!} and read what the protocol was using essential oils. I decided based on the info there and in one of my other books, The Modern Essentials Guide, to use both melaleuca + lavender. I applied 3 drops of melaleuca to a cotton ball and taped it inside her ear. Then I swiped a little lavender behind the ear. I kid you not - within 10 min her mood totally shifted and she was calm again. I did this same approach that night before bed and once more the next day. And that's all it took. I actually couldn't believe it even though you guys all know how much I love adore natural approaches. It was around this time that I committed to educating others on the power of these oils. 

Today I'm giving you the opportunity to win this beautiful oil:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

 look at all the ways you could use it:

*Giveaway runs from 8:00am EST ---> 11:59pm EST. Must unlock your entry by tagging 2 friends in the comments below this picture on Instagram. Additional entries will unlock after doing that. *

For more info contact me at

See you tomorrow for the next giveaway!

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