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Hol:Fit Holiday Blitz Giveaway Day 14 {my fave supplement trio}

I can't believe today is the final day of the giveaway blitz!! I've loved seeing all your comments + engagement and it makes me happy to be able to share these awesome oils + products!
I thought it would be nice to end by giving away what is actually doTERRA's #1 product...the Life Long Vitality System

The Lifelong Vitality Pack {LLV} is a combination of 3 supplement blends - each designed to serve a different function and complement each other to promote a health response in the body.

 Microplex VMz is a natural food derived multi-vitamin providing a good baseline of the essential vitamins + minerals that the body can absorb and utilize.

★ xEO Mega Complex provides various land + marine fats including EPA and DHA. It also has  an infusion of 9 essential oils such as clove, frankincense, thyme, cumin and ginger. Also available as just a plant based source.

★ Alpha CRS+ consists of herbs + extracts that support healthy cell proliferation + energy, reduce oxidative stress, healthy cellular immune function + mental clarity.

Being that I am very diligent with my nutrient intake through whole foods and am very active - I can say that I felt pretty great before trying these about 4 months ago. I started taking them at just 1/2 the dose and continue to do so because I noticed a few positive affects in my body with them and don't feel the need to increase to the full dose.

With whatever approach you take in your healthcare...always remember that it's your body that heals itself. Provide it the right tools without a negative side effect and you've got yourself on the path to optimal!

Here's my personal experience:

Consistent high energy + mental sharpness all day long. I'm very ambitious and take a lot on and in the past - I would just push through to get her done. I now feel like my body is humming along to the demands being an entrepreneur + mama bring

✓ My elimination became more consistently a #4 on the bristol stool chart

✓  I feel better supported in my goal of getting younger as I get older ;)

✓ I have not been sick since October 2013. I started integrating more essential oils into my personal routine and with the kids in Jan 2014. I started using this supplement system in March of this year and whenever I feel a little run down - I bump up my dose to full dose for a couple days. And for those mamas wondering  - my kids have both only had sniffles here and there since Jan 2014. Not one full blown cold since I have started using oils more in our house. I also give them 1 of the A --> Z chewables and 1 tsp of the IQ Mega fish oil in their daily smoothies. The only other thing they take daily is a Vit D3 + K2 drop and HMF Genestra probiotic at the change of a season. {I share this only because this is what I am doing currently and it is working so well. Please consult your naturopath about a protocol for you and your family}

Ready to feel more awesome? Unlock your entries below!!!
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*Giveaway runs from 8:00am EST ---> 11:59pm EST. Must unlock your entry by tagging 2 friends in the comments below this picture on Instagram. Additional entries will unlock after doing that. *

J U S T  W A N T  T O  P U R C H A S E  I T?
doTERRA can be purchased at retail price here
However, most people love purchasing at wholesale price because you get 25% off for a full year either by opening up an account for $35 or by purchasing any one of these starter kits: {Cdn or US}

And opening up a wholesale account with the Hol:Fit ID 697139 gives you major perks:
 - Full support as you begin to use the oils and through your journey
 - Monthly team webinars
 - The Hol:Fit Biz Building virtual toolkit
 - The Hol:Fit Hippie Recipe Guide (packed with essential oil recipes)
 - a 6wk Essential Oil Internship to your inbox
To open up a wholesale account, click here and enter Hol:Fit enrolling ID 697139 or email heyholfit@gmail.com
You can visit the Hol:Fit Essential Oil Website here to learn more.
And you're welcome to join our Essential Oil Facebook group with over 1200 other members!

Stay tuned for a pretty sweet December promo - it will be posted to the Facebook group above and the newsletter below...

Peace, Love + Oils

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