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Hol:Fit Holiday Giveaway Blitz Day 6 {have more energy...naturally!}

We're back and it's been a fun week of giveaways so far!
Today for Day 6 of the #hohoholfit blitz, I'm giving away something a little bundle that might just be the perfect thing for you if you currently struggle with any of these things:
  ✖ low energy 
  ✖ dependancy on caffeine and other synthetic stimulants to get you going
  ✖ low vitality

Now at the root of this could be an opportunity to start saying NO to things + people that drain you, and say YES to food with fewer ingredients + daily movement that you love. If you feel like you're still lacking in the energy + vitality department this is where a natural form of plant extracts and metabolic cofactors kick in. 

There are trillions of cells in your beautiful body and your energy comes from within the mitochondria of each of your cells. As we age or when we're stressed/toxic - the body's mitochondrial function becomes less efficient.
When we reach for something like caffeine to stimulate our body out of this - we get a quick buzz and then we crash. 

doTERRA's Mito2Max contains a proprietary blend of:
  Acetyl-L-carnitine {supports mental health + circulation to the brain} 
Ashwagandha root extract {which has been studied for generations and used to boost energy levels, support immunity + libido while reducing anxiety, insomnia + stress. Most loved for it's ability to support regeneration of cells from damage caused by free radicals}
  Ginkgo Biloba {improves blood flow to the brain}
  Cordyceps {one of the best known fungi used traditionally in Chinese Medicine to treat illness, promote longevity and increase energy. Also contain B vitamins that help promote endurance + energy metabolism

So in short - Mito2Max is a great way to reduce free radicals in your body and support higher + sustainable energy levels in a natural way!

I'm bundling this today with a bottle of doTERRA pure grade peppermint beadlets which are the perfect companion for bringing you quickly out of an energy slump. Pop 1 in your mouth for fresh breath, a calmer tummy or pop/rub on your temples to boost focus or help with tension headaches.

Unlock your entries here - winner will be announced tomorrow at 8am EST!
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*Giveaway runs from 8:00am EST ---> 11:59pm EST. Must unlock your entry by tagging 2 friends in the comments below this picture on Instagram. Additional entries will unlock after doing that. *
For more info contact me at

See you tomorrow for the next giveaway!

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