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Hey beautiful,

Are you ever curious about what 'a day in the life' might look for with other people?
It's a question I get from time to time. I love helping others transition to a natural lifestyle and really live with intention.

Believe me - I spent many years in my twenties living for other people. In my job - making someone else's dreams come true...in my personal life - caring far too much about what others thought of me. Can you relate? I just completed a webinar training for my wellness team on how to integrate essential oils and natural health products into your life. One of the slides I created for them was a peek at my daily routine.To be totally honest with you - I used to really down play how much I love my life - around other people. But what I finally realized is that I OWN THIS. I control how I show up for the world - it starts with me. 

And like you - I've known great hardships. Most of my childhood + teen years were really freakin tough. I lost my dad and my sister to cancer by the time I was 16. I was extremely (and silently) judgmental in high school with other girls - when they would make small problems out to be life or death events. "They have no idea!" I would tell myself.

Today, I choose to live with intention and to create a beautiful life. And I appreciate every second of it because of the harder times. I know that when I set the stage for this type of day to happen - I can handle whatever comes my way. Sure - most days don't unravel perfect to plan - but I influence what I can control. Perhaps there is something here for you...something you can try adding into your daily routine to help you feel more connected to the rockstar that you are. {cause you totally are}.

Click Here to learn more about using essential oils + getting started.

Feel free to connect with me at heyholfit@gmail.com
To your glow,

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