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Entitled'ness' and Q + A

Weekly conversations about Life, Love + Leadership with Ange Peters. Founder of HOL:FIT, 7 figure entrepreneur, Mama and Wellness Leader for women seeking the way home to true health.
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Reflections during a heavy week
What ignites a fire in Ange….it may not be what you think:)
Hi Ange, How do you stay so heart centred? Do you have a daily practise? Did you always operate like this?
If your team is feeling our small town is "saturated" with builders, what is the best way to get them out of that funk, what tips & encouragement can I, as their mentor, give them?
What is your best advise for someone who is trying to create a community and a tribe? I have a very small team and want to make them feel like they are part of an amazing tribe. How do you create that when you are so new and clueless? All of my team is Spanish speaking and all of my up lines and their content is in ENGLISH.. so there is absolutely no connection between my team and my English speaking up lines. HOW DO I CREATE A SPACE WHERE THEY FEEL LIKE THEY BELONG?
I have been running into a lot of situations with other MLMs recently where they purchase from me for the sole purpose of purchasing from them in return. Do you encourage this kind of business relationship and, if not, how does one navigate around this in the best way possible?
When you know someone within your reach (via Facebook or Instagram.. old high school acquaintances) that you think would love the oils + already live the supernatural life.. how would you reach out to them and start the conversation?
Chris mentioned that you guys decided to do the duo show at convention, what was the inspiration for you Chris to join Ange on screen?

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