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What Separates the Successful from the Pack

- What leads someone to entrepreneurship...
- What separates successful people from the pack ...
- Successful people always leave clues... the 9 things successful leaders in doTERRA do...

Q’s from the community today:

1. Hi Ange - I'm a fan! I'm a doTERRA founder in Mexico and I'm trying to reach diamond this month - would love your advice on achieving this rank!

2. I'm curious why with so many lifestyle choices that would be deemed unconventional why did you make the decision to send your children into the mainstream schooling system? How do you help them understand the choices you make in your lifestyle when they are learning otherwise at school? Example the food guide, the need for immunizations, dissuading to join MLM's or be entrepreneurs etc.

3. How do you reach people outside of your warm market?

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