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Health & Leadership Q + A

Opened up talking about Halloween, Fresh new month, Recap of a few powerful things in October and how Mr HOL:FIT lives an essential oil lifestyle ...

Q’s answered today:
This is a dōTERRA question. I've heard you say several times that you like to enroll people as a WC. The customer seems to prefer that also, as they don't have to give their social security #. My question is how do you place them in your organization? My understanding is you can't place anyone under a WC. I'm just beginning to build and I don't understand how to place my WC's. Thanks for any insight!

Have you always been on board to using Doterra EO? What go you hooked. My husband is not there YET. I am working on him!

You shared a story at convention about the gal that enrolled you, she sent samples and built a relationship. What was that first contact like, did she explicitly say she was looking to expand? Or searching for leaders?

Thank you so much for sharing your periscope resource on the diamond page. I eat up everything I can from you as it's been made clear I am to pay close attention and learn all I possibly can from you. Your video with your husband was very re affirming to me that what I have been doing for so long (giving away free content basically) is actually all part of my story of becoming. Thank you. When I saw you at the success summit, you said some profound things to me. You pointed out that I need to listen to and explore the feeling I am having that I described to you as having a raging animal inside of me trying to bust out and how I feel like I am handcuffed unable to do anything 😩. I feel like I am on to something but I need to ask your advice since you have already been down the road I am starting to discover. I have limited time to work. I have to really make the most of my time when I have it and I have blocked out the hours and found ways to get support with my kids while I work, but my question is this, where would be the best use of my time to start with making a better online presence: blogging, Instagram, instastories, Facebook, Facebook live, periscope or YouTube? I need to commit to mastering one at a time but it seems blogging is maybe. No longer as effective as video via periscope or insta stories or YouTube? I keep hearing the words "if you build it, they will come" I just need to make a game plan that will get me from point a to point b as quick as possible and avoid as many dead ends as possible. Also, can you give me your top tips for creating your own website, where to start or what programs or classes to take?


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