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Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness Tips!

It’s BOGO week with doTERRA: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted
No LIVE broadcast next week

Winter Wellness takes a gameplan ... intentional living

Top 5 Habits for a Ninja Immune System:

1. Supplementation Overview:
- doTERRA LifeLong Vitality Pack
- Vitamin D3 + K2
- Vitamin C
- Probiotics: doTERRA PB Assist and JR.
- OnGuard Softgels

2. Oils for Immune Support - search #holfitimmune on Instagram
3. Sleep: my top 3 sleep tips
4. Food: top thing to avoid and the top 2 winter recipes
5. Winter Workouts
Bonus Tip: Dial Up The Joy!

Broadcast Info:
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Essential Oils:
- Learn more: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted
- Purchase at 25% off: http://bit.ly/hfoilswc

HOL:FIT Programs + Mentions:

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