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Q + A Day: The back story of Resistance and a few other topics

Note: The information shared is my personal perspective + opinion and does not represent the opinion of anyone else or another brand.


- Cracking open 4 of the most common areas of resistance people experience before using a natural tool like essential oils.

- Dec 20th is the last podcast for 2017 which will be focused on reflecting and planning for 2018!


- How to go from eating a high sugar/processed diet to healthy, Whole Foods?

- I’m a newer Wellness Advocate and want to kill it in this business - and I don’t have a circle of friends interested in oils (at all). Where do I go from here?

- We all know this business is a personal devleopment business. It forces to to grow and become a better version of yourself. You begin to see the world differently and notice things in your life that are not aligned. How do you continue to be in a positive state when you are noticing that the close family/friends around you (even your spouse) are not growing at the same rate you are? They are in a place still contollled by ego, negativity and scarcity?

- What does the process from enrollment and on look like for you? I'm working to value my time and my family's time more as priority but I find that it is SO difficult to get people to schedule a membership overview anytime other than evenings. That plus classes equals few nights with family. I've tried to draw boundaries and people then don't want it. So maybe I need to create clearer value? Along with this I would just love to know the rhythms and systems you use to share content/value with your wholesale customers. Strategizing for my next level and would LOVE to hear your wisdom ♥


- Rocking Vibe HOL:FIT piece: http://bit.ly/hfrockingvibe

- Article by Yoni Freedhoff / Weighty Matters: http://www.weightymatters.ca/2017/12/youll-gladly-die-for-your-children-why.html

- doTERRA Empowered Success Tools: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/empowered-success


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