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HOL:FIT Healthy Home Tour!

Welcome to our Home!

We are taking you on a tour of our home today to show you the various ways we create health + happiness!

To watch the video version of this broadcast, click here: https://www.facebook.com/HolFit/videos/1649103895167364/



👉 The HOL:FIT Green Cleaning School running next week May 21 - 27. Check out this blog to get you pumped + prepped: http://bit.ly/hfcleanschool

👉 May 21 - 28: daily insta lives room by room showing you how to make the recipes

👉 May 23rd will be the last broadcast and then taking summer off. Will be back Sept 5th. Next week is LIVE Q & A so bring your questions! I’ll continue to share education + lifestyle snippets on Insta Stories - follow @hol_fit


👉 All tools + products shown can be found in the HOL:FIT Shop: http://www.hol-fit.com/p/product.html

👉 RECIPES: http://www.hol-fit.com/p/recipes.html

👉 HF Cloud Diffuser Blend: 3 lime, 2 clary sage, 2 frank, 1 patchouli

👉 Dryer Balls: https://www.fortheloveoflaundry.ca

👉 Bio Mat: https://amzn.to/2GvreHV



🎧 Subscribe to the HOL:FIT Talks Podcast: http://bit.ly/holfittalks

🖥 Join this convo LIVE each Wed at 12pm EST on the HOL:FIT brand Facebook page: www.facebook.com/holfit

👉 Submit your question for the show: http://bit.ly/holfitq

👉 Episodes + Show Notes on website: http://www.hol-fit.com/p/holfit-talks...

👉 HOL:FIT on instagram: http://www.instagram/com/hol_fit

👉 HOL:FIT Development library: http://bit.ly/hflibrary



👉 Purchase doTERRA at wholesale: http://bit.ly/hfoilswc

👉 Learn more about the this lifestyle, the oils + the community: http://bit.ly/hfgetstarted

👉 doTERRA free Lifestyle Webinars: http://bit.ly/dtesweb

👉 doTERRA Empowered Success: http://bit.ly/hfdteslibrary

👉 Essential Oil school from doTERRA: http://bit.ly/dtlivemods

👉 doTERRA blog for DIY recipes: http://bit.ly/dtdiyblog

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