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Essential Oils

There has never been a more important time to empower yourself with the information + tools that will bring you into an arena of sustainable wellness.
For those of you that have been part of the HOL:FIT community for a while now - there are a few things you've come to know about me:

 ❤ I am fully behind empowering women {specifically mamas} to live a full life.

 ❤ I believe the body can heal itself when supported through simple whole foods, clean water, daily movement and the healing power of plants.

 ❤ I am passionate about providing access. My mission has always been to simplify what it takes to live a healthy life that glows. To truly feel empowered - you must have both information + the necessary tools. This is where my love for essential oils comes in. 

❤ I advocate for living a life that is balanced between the pillars of health: exercise, whole foods, stress management, reduced exposure to toxins and pro-active self care.

As a mom of 2 girls - I became increasingly concerned through my first pregnancy about our current healthcare system. I spent most of twenties educating myself on natural health - through holistic nutrition, fitness and the most effective approaches.
When I became a mom, I started cleaning up our home + lifestyle, one recipe at a time. 

My first major focus was to help my daughter heal from eczema that covered her whole body for her first year of life. I combined an internal approach of food elimination (no gluten, soy, eggs, tomatoes or strawberries) and high omega 3s + probiotics. I also began making EVERYTHING! I found this fun to take conventional products I was buying at the store and making a simple clean version - my homemade laundry detergent is the bomb!
Everything cleared up for her within a month and I was so excited to begin sharing with other women all the ways they could feel more in control of their family's healthcare.

I began teaching basic essential oil classes - went on to teach over 150 of them in one year. And through that built a very large community of essential oilers - you can join our open Facebook Group here if you'd like. One of my fave topics is teaching women how to rock clean beauty!

I also put all of my fave recipes into an eBook that I give every person that joins our oil community {msg me at heyholfit@gmail.com for more info on that}
I continued to see that people are really seeking this information because we all know we've been literally running in the wrong direction for decades now.

Whether you look at our nutrient depleted food supply or our massive prescription drug problem - we have pushed our bodies to the limits.

Essential Oils present such a powerful opportunity to support your body in the amazing healing it does on a daily basis. So that you can live a FULL life.

Essential Oils are...

They are concentrated extracts obtained from plants–more specifically from the bark, seeds, flowers or leaves of the plant. What makes essential oils unique for each plant is that they contain the volatile compounds that give rise to the aroma of a plant or flower.

It’s also important to note that these extracts are highly concentrated. It can take thousands of pounds of plant material to produce just one pound of essential oil. Keep in mind that in many cases, the essential oil of an herb is hundreds of times more concentrated than a dried herb itself. 

One of the most powerful ways to experience essential oils is through simple inhalation:

I created this document on the most beautiful essential oils + blends to diffuse!

Not all essential oils are created equal. In fact it is important to note that there is NO committee or governing body that regulates essential oils, their purity or the claims made by many essential oil companies.

It's very important that you use only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that are sourced around the globe where they grow abundantly and in their natural environment (that's where the magic lives) 

It's also important to choose a company that you can trust, that is doing their diligence to provide you with access to the very best quality our beautiful earth provides. 
Message me at heyholfit@gmail.com if you'd like info on the brand that I use, love + fully trust!

Essential Oils are so powerful and are being researched in depth. One of my fave resources is Aromatic Science - you can find tons of research that is happening! A few other resources I found extremely helpful in learning which oils to use and for what....

If you'd like to start your essential oil lifestyle or have any questions at all - please email me at heyholfit@gmail.com. It will be the most amazing journey!

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  1. Hi Angie,

    I would like to order the petal diffuser and enguard essential oil. It's very hard to order this online. They don't make it easy. I've tried and it says that I need a sponsor number. Could you be that for me?


    Krista Erskine


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