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30 day {free} Holistic Health Challenge!


Day 1:   Drink Up!

Day 2:   Eat Whole Foods
Day 3:   Become a Yogi
Day 4:   Get Spinach Stuck in Your Teeth
Day 5:   Dry Brush Your Skin {major detox bonus points}
Day 6:   Go to Sleep Yo
Day 7:   Create Your Vision
Day 8:   Book a Guilt Free Massage
Day 9:   Plan to Eat Healthy
Day 10:  Circuit Training During Commercial Breaks
Day 11:  Fall in Love with Coconut Oil
Day 12:  Soak Some Beans
Day 13:  Sunshine: Eat it, Pop it, Soak it Up!
Day 14:  Healthy Friday Night Popcorn
Day 15:  Find a New Hobby
Day 16:  Schedule Your Workouts
Day 17:  HIIT it Baby
Day 18:  Make Overnight Powerhouse Porridge
Day 19:  Be a Spice Girl
Day 20:  You are what you put on your Skin
Day 21:  Drink Red Bushes {Rooibos Tea}
Day 22:  DIY Green Cleaners
Day 23:  Eat Plant Based for 1 Week
Day 24:  Try a New Workout
Day 25:  Sprinkle Turmeric all Over
Day 26:  Floss for a Healthy Heart
Day 27:  Chew Your Food 20x
Day 28:  Plan a Date w/an Energizing Person
Day 29:  Belly Breathing & Meditation
Day 30:  Define Your Top 3 Goals



  1. Hey Ange! My name is Wendy and I am 28 years old. I suffer from an un-diagnosed (I am currently in the application process for getting medical insurance so that I may see a doctor) condition where it seems that my joints are failing me. In the past six months I've been researching alternatives to Western Medicine. I began with my diet. I've become very informed and believe that what we put in and on our bodies affects our health tremendously. (Duh! LoL) Anyway, sorry to give you my life story but the point is that I appreciate you more than you could ever know and please never stop what you are doing. I would love to some day venture to Canada and have a session with you. Much love from my realm to yours. You are a blessing!! <3 --Wendy Rosemont

    1. Wow Wendy - so great to connect with you! I'm so excited for the path you are on and hope that I can continue to inspire you on this journey!! Much love ❤


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