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Hey Health Lover ~ welcome to HOL : FIT!

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I have spent the majority of my life learning about the Body in terms of Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness, and I try to approach every aspect of my life in a healthy way.

I am the founder of HOL:FIT, a Double Diamond leader in doTERRA and mom of 2 girls. And I'm passionate about creating community online and regularly lead public mentoring on the topics of holistic health, business + leadership.

I believe that the best way to increase your health and impact is to LIVE IN A BEAUTIFUL STATE! And a beautiful state is accessed through empowerment which involves having the key tools + information to rock a healthy life. One of the main ways I connect people to this lifestyle is through essential oils. You can click here to read the guide I've put together about this.

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So here's the back story behind my fire...

My Father died of cancer when I was 10 and then 6 years later my sister died of Leukemia. Going through these experiences at such a young age caused me to see how important it is to take the best care possible of my health. We've all heard the saying that "knowledge is power" and I feel it's so important that we are our own HEALTH ADVOCATES. You have to educate yourself & ask the right questions because there is always ways to be better....to live your best life!

I spent my twenties climbing the corporate management ladder but I always had my head buried in the latest health research. After having our first daughter in 2009, I decided to expand on my Health Sciences background and became a certified personal trainer + holistic health coach.

My motivation to be my personal best, is fueled by wanting to be the best example to our 2 girls of how to live a full, healthy life. And I want to ensure that my husband & I have the right amount of energy to keep up with them & be around as long as possible.

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you'll find some inspiration within the pages here.

To growing + glowing together,

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