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Ready to start your essential oil lifestyle?

When you enroll with myself or a wellness advocate on the HOL:FIT team - you are not only supported by that person, but you are supported on a larger level through our team in an incredible way! We have an incredible system of support + value waiting for you.

Step 1: Click Here
Step 2: Keep the ‘wholesale customer’ option [unless you have interest in building a doTERRA biz - then you'd select 'wellness advocate'].  The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you. If not - enter 697139 in the box and HOL-FIT Inc will appear.
Step 3: Fill in your personal info
Step 4: Choose whichever starter kit you’re drawn to and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart. {Here are the Canadian and US
Step 5: Finalize your shipping and payment options. Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

*Note: If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits - you can create your own by selecting the Introductory Packet {$35in the US or $42 in Canada} and then adding a few items to your cart to begin with by typing them into the field that says “Enter additional item # or product name” You can view the entire doTERRA Product Catalog here or {CANADIANS click here}

CLICK HERE to flip through my Essential Oil Starter Guide


 Dry Skin Brush: Do this daily before bath/shower brushing from feet towards heart. Watch of my 'early day' videos on how to Dry Skin Brush!

❤ Tongue Scraper: do this first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth

❤ Swell Water Bottles
[keeps hot hot & cold cold. Great for adding doTERRA grapefruit, lemon or metabolic blend essential oil to!]
Bulletproof Coffee: see my recipe posted on Instagram here

 ❤ Clearlight Infrared Saunas (we have the Sanctuary 3 seater in our home)

Aquasana whole home filter (this is what we have installed in our home)

Unscented Epsom Salts for relaxing detox baths. Add 1-2 cups of salts to 5 drops of doTERRA essential oil of choice (I love Balance or AromaTouch blend in the bath)

❤ Body pH testing strips

Bath Filter to reduce / eliminate chlorine
 ❤ Pacifica Brand Nail Polishes, Mascara + Lip Glosses:

  Ilia Brand Makeup [love their lip products + multi use sticks}

❤ Gabriel Cosmetics [love their nail polishes + lip glosses]

 HUROM Juicer:

 Vitamix Blender:

Supplement Case Holder: Click here for my Supplement Toolkit

 Vit D3 + K2 Drops:

 Infant Probiotic Powder: 
This is unflavoured and great as a first probiotic for babies around 6 - 12 months. After foods have been introduced - the doTERRA PB Assist Jr is amazing
 Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Collection:
Glyde Natural Vegan Condoms
Note: other natural approaches are the Billings Method or the Natural Family Planning Method
ps - birth control is the devil.
Life School Daily Card Deck
 Organic Sunscreen: (I don't wear sunscreen or put it on my kids unless they will be in the sun longer than 60 min. Daily 20 - 30 min of sunshine on unblocked skin is optimal for Vit D absorption

❤ Test your Micro Biome! Use this link for 15% off

  Plan to Eat - online meal planner + recipe storage service 
Join and add me as a friend under angepeets@gmail.com and I can share my thousands of healthy recipes with you!


  1. Love this article! Especially "Plan to eat" section. I am a food lover, but want to be fit and healthy. I do ab exercise every day with my ab machines.

  2. Do you have a favorite juicer?

  3. Hey @Estelle..I have and loe the Breville Juicer. It's affordable and has minimal cleanuo!

  4. I've heard good things about that one - thanks! :D

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Do you have any recommendations for a blender?

  6. Andrea11:37 AM

    i absolutely adore your blog! do you know of any any stores that sell the takeya water bottle, or do you have to order it online? thanks a bunch :)

  7. Hi @Andrea!
    You can buy them in Canada at David's Tea or Teaopia and online at Amazon!

  8. I totally agree with you about Lululemon products, I absolutely adore their stores!!!

  9. What website do you use to buy organic food such as chia seeds, goji berries, etc?


    1. Hey Steph ~ I order most of my foods/supplements through my online store here http://hol-fit.vitahub.com/
      Vitacost is another great site if your based out of the US.

    2. Thanks! I do live in the US so I will take a look at Vitacost. Love your website! You have inspired me to start juicing daily! Look forward to your videos on juicing responsible.

  10. What online store do you use to buy organic food such as chia seeds, goji berries, etc.?

  11. Have you found a Masacara that will last through your day/workouts and onion cutting?

    1. Sadly no I haven't. I use a "cleaner" mascara from Cargo but it doesn't have the greatest staying power. Check out the cosmetics database on ewg.com for some suggestions!

    2. A great one that I love is from 100% pure... I don't know about the cutting onions part yet but but it lasts really well through my day

    3. How is the pacifica mascara??

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Hi, wondering if you could direct me to a place where you get your salt stones? Do you just use salt stone lamps or do you also use other salt stone products?

  14. I would love to learn more about your sauna ritual/routine? How often do you have a sauna, do you incorporate your oils?

    1. Hey Kim! I will be doing a post on this in the coming months - we've been travelling quite a bit so I haven't had enough time to experiment with oils and other rituals around the sauna - stay tuned!


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