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These treasured recipes are 'Hol'some, Nutritious and will give you the energy to live a vibrant life on the go!

I have thousands of recipes like this stored in my beloved meal planning database stored on Plan to Eat.
CLICK HERE for a free 30 day trial and if you love it, it's less than $5 a month going forward.
(Here's a blog post I did about how I use this service to create a healthy kitchen)

BREAK-THE-FAST: Always make more than what you need - especially when it comes to pancakes as they're great to pop in the toaster a couple days in a row.
* Click here for the online store that I purchase Sunwarrior Protein powder and all of my other supplements from!
ENERGY BARS: Once a month, I make up 2 different kinds of energy bars so there's always a stock in the freezer. Great for throwing in your purse while running errands
APPS + SALADS: I have a salad almost every day for lunch. The key is to have a Monster version of 1-2 salads always ready in the fridge
SIDES: Trust me on the quinoa cranberry salad
DRESSINGS / SAUCES: Stop buying dressing for realz - make double batches and store in mason jars
LOAVES + MUFFINS: freeze your muffins and pull out a couple at time

And if you'd like to learn how I efficiently Meal Prep & Plan each week - check out my Webinar + eBook bundle called The Healthy Sustainable Kitchen

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