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As a Holistic Health Coach,  I am passionate about taking you to the next level. 
I am a Holistic Trainer, Nutritionist, Podcaster, Lululemon Ambassador, Public Speaker, TV show host and Mother of two girls. And I want to help you discover the most efficient + effective way to living an awesome life.
 Through my online classroom and social media channels, I am here to  connect with you, no matter where you live in the world.  
Take a look below to learn about the programs + coaching I have available right now. 
Let's do this together!

2 Key Upcoming Programs:
Recorded Webinar + eBook Bundles for Purchase:
If you would like to work with me 1:1 and have a gameplan designed for you that will help you achieve your goals in being an awesome human being - then this is for you! Choose from 1 or 3 month packages

Holistic Health Coaching
Included in the monthly coaching packages:
★  Custom built Holistic lifestyle, nutrition + fitness plan
★  Skype Coaching Sessions {2 x 20 min for 1 month or 6 x 20 min for 3 month plan}
★  Mp3 Recording of our coaching calls
★  Review of your current health status, food journal + goals
★  Accountability, encouragement + answers to all your health questions

Sessions run outdoors from Spring ---> Fall
Strength Bootcamp: An intense but fun 1hr group session that includes nutrition discussion, warmup, strength training + cool down. Initial weights / msmts will be taken and your food intake + workout plan will also be assessed by Ange for feedback. Please bring a set of hand weights, water and wear layers!

Run Group: Get ready to run your first 5K! We will meet once a week for a group run. Training plan with online log will be provided for personal runs. Information on how Nutrition Timing + Increasing Running Efficiency will be provided.
{Minimum 4 ppl needed to run the Strength + Run Programs}

Please complete this form if interested in joining the next session.

Training Options:


"I felt compelled to send you a message. Every day at some point you enter my thoughts and I'm so grateful to you for so many things. You have truly changed the way I live my life. From every angle your holistic approach to health has inspired me. I completed my level one Reiki on Friday and I thought afterwards about the fact that I was not always so open to pursuing things such as this. I am grateful to you because I'm on a tough road again after gaining quite a bit of weight but I'm not down on myself for it. Instead, I've reviewed all of your material and I'm excited to get myself back to a place where I'm feeling optimal. I'm also grateful to you for giving me the wisdom to teach my daughter how to live a super health life. She has a lot of options at her disposal that most of us did not when we were little. I refer to you every day to someone and always begin by saying "My Friend Ange.....told me this.....said that.....showed me how to....." So for all of this I just wanted to say Thanks. You are a beautiful connection that is with me every day. You're the best." ~R.L

"Ange was a fantastic holistic health coach! I took her online coaching course and right off the bat the amount of information to get me started was outstanding! She gives you a complete overview of your lifestyle plan then goes into detail about every section. I liked how she embodied lifestyle, health and fitness into the holistic plan and didn't just focus on one or the other. She was always there to answer any and all of my questions and usually within the day or so which was great because I knew how busy she was so I felt that my questions mattered to her.I would highly recommend her! Thanks for all your love and support Ange!" ~A.C

"I just wanted to send you a little thank you note. For Christmas I didn't have the biggest budget so a gift I came up with was buying my brother's girlfriend a World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable as small personal touch I chose about 20 recipes from your Plan to Eat page. They chose to make 2 meals and sent me picks and reviews of their amazing dinner they created and it may sound silly but I really get joy out of the fun they have cooking together and then proudly sending me a picture on Sunday of the final product. I just wanted to say I think what you are doing is amazing ( I know I keep saying it but I just can't help it my heart tells me to sing that to you) and I want to thank you for your posts on Facebook, your Newletters, awesome classes you offer and podcast!!" ~ R.C

''Working with Ange has helped improve not only my health, fitness and eating, but my happiness and sense of well-being. Her approach to health is so balanced, caring and realistic, that fitness and healthy eating are becoming a key part of my life, in a way they had never been before. The things I've learned in our training are becoming really healthy daily habits for me.'' ~A.M

"My experience with Ange has been amazing! I wanted someone different from what was around me and what I had personally experienced with health and fitness. I needed to feel a personal connection, and not the typical "business" feel attention many women face when wanting to change their lifestyle. I wanted someone who truly took the time and effort in explaining things and the assurance that whole foods and not counting calories could break me free!

Now, I have seen and felt the difference in my body. Real food has such a healing power, and I thank Ange for reminding me of this and for giving me guidance. I did not feel overwhelmed with the plan she came up with for me, and it makes me appreciate the time and effort she put in with making this especially for me. I also loved talking on Skype!

You're a gorgeous person inside and out, Ange! and I want to thank you for helping me =)" ~ P. M

“Angela and I have been working together for a short while, but I truly appreciate her approach to optimal health and wellness. As a stay-at-home mom, running a busy daycare, I was having a REALLY rough time finding time for me. I knew it was important (by husband is a trainer as well)... but I had no idea how to fit it into my day. Angela used her creativity to build a plan for me. I was able to "fit" myself into my day seamlessly.

I found Angela while looking at a friend's facebook page. Her personality came right off the computer screen. She had posted a month long challenge on her blog: www.hol-fit.com and I was the lucky winner of an entire MONTHS worth of her services at the end of the 30 day challenge. I knew she was good at what she did, but upon her first assessment with me, it was clear that Angela lives and breathes her successes. She walks the walk, and talks the talk. I always say: "Never trust a skinny chef...." well Angela is in great shape... and proof that you can always TRUST a FIT personal trainer and health coach.I love that her driving force is her love for her family too. I appreciate that she is real. She is a mom, just like me... but knows the importance of sweating at least once/day." ~ Julia K

"There was so much new information about everyday foods and superfoods that I was not aware of! Loved being able to sample the different smoothies, share info with others."

Eat Clean :: Get Lean

"As a law student, my health often takes a backseat to stress and assignments. After ECGL, I feel like there are so many holistic things I can implement in my life to achieve my goals. Initially, I was interested in ECGL for the health tips, but it took on a life of its own and became a way to check in on my life to see what more I could do for myself and those around me. I am so much more aware of how I should be treating my body and myself." ~ Olivia T

"Angela's ECGL class is jam packed with information presented in an informal manner. It allowed me to begin to build a healthier me! I like her enthusiasm for being healthy and her depth of knowledge. Also, her kindness and support and encouragement to us to be supportive of each other." ~Paula C

"The EC:GL workshop was incredibly beneficial in kick starting my goal to leading a healthier lifestyle. Having Ange share amazing tips to help you feel better, organize your home and lifestyle to support healthy living was invaluable! It was great to sweat it out the first half the workshop, and then cool down in a safe and relaxed learning environment! Worth EVERY penny and drop of sweat!" ~ Susan B

"I received confirmation, encouragement and guidance in getting myself and family healthy from this workshop! I would recommend it to friends & family who are looking for guidance in a healthy life style! " ~ Dannon L

"Ange packs so much knowledge into her programs and her approach engages and motivates program participants. An inspiring advocate for healthy living!" ~ Kim M

"Ange's example is key to the success of the program. It's one thing to read about what causes optimal health, but it is much more meaningful to see that someone is actually living that way. She is a glowing example of optimal health. She gently, yet effectively, guides you along your path to well-being. " ~ Rebecca D


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Hi Ang,
    I made the "Produce Wash" you recommended in the White Oaks mag article. Just wondering, is there a suggested shelf life on this?
    Hope all is well!


  2. Hi Rod!

    Nice to hear from you ol' buddy! Did you like the article? I did another one for their Christmas edition -let me know if you see it cause I haven't gotten my hands on a copy yet.

    For the produce wash - it will keep as long as you need it but it's best if it's stored in a dark container away from sunlight. I find that I go through the solution each month as we eat quite a bit of produce daily.

    Keep in touch!

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Hey Ange

    I really like your blog and I am interested in doing a month of online training. I hate the gym so I am interested in working out from home. Can you do workout routines for at home with minimal equipment? I have a mini trampoline, yoga ball, yoga mat, and a few weights. I could buy a few more weights if needed. I am also currently studying at CSNN and love it!
    Let me know what you think. Thanks


    1. Hi Shannon!
      Please email me at angepeets@gmail.com so I have your contact info.
      Would love to work with you!

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  5. HI ANGE! I love your website and really look up to you as an aspiring health coach myself. I just purchased and watched your kombucha webinar and am preparing to make my scoby. I was wondering if there are any ways the process can go awry to the point where it would be a hazard to drink


    1. Hey Angela,

      Your nose will always tell you if it's "off"
      It shoud smell soury but not funky. And some people mistake mold growth for tannin staining. If it's actually mold - it will grow green & fuzzy patches like on bread.

      As long as you only use clean utensils and no metal - you should be fine!

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  8. Hi Ange!
    How do you feel about farm fresh, organic grass fed eggs?

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