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Coaching Tools

 Beautiful Life Prep Kit: http://bit.ly/hfyearout

My Week by Design:

 Designing your 90 day Wellness Blueprint (from the Toronto Wellness Summit)

HOL : FIT Personal Development Library: http://bit.ly/hfdevelopment (open this for links)


Building Your Biz with Heart (from the 2017 Convention)
LINK TO OPEN + PRINT: http://bit.ly/hfbizheart

HOL:FIT  Talks Weekly Broadcast: streaming LIVE Wed at 12pm EST on HOL:FIT Brand FB Page
Avail as a podcast on iTunes called HOL:FIT Talks
Do you have a question or topic you'd like to see shared on an upcoming show? http://bit.ly/holfitq
CLICK HERE to watch previous weekly Q + A Recordings

CLICK HERE to learn more about our HOL:FIT Wellness Community

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