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these oils

Will change your life in almost every way #fullstop.

You may think I'm being dramatic by saying that, but it's because I've had the perspective of seeing almost 100,000 homes transition their life, one drop at a time over the last 5 years …


The aromatic compounds in these bottles speak the language of health + restoration in your body.
These are typically the final area that a health conscious person will integrate after years of eating whole + living fit physically, spiritually and emotionally.
And the sooner you integrate them, the deeper you'll go in every area.

 I'm happy you're here and I have lots of great education on the oils if you'd like to keep scrolling.
I've expanded a little more on the doTERRA story and our HOL:FIT oil community right here if that interests you.

ready to start?

For the month of December:
Purchase the Home Essentials or Natural Solutions kit + receive a FREE 15ml Frankincense!!
This promotion was offered 5 years ago and was the reason I purchased my first starter kit!

Also the new 30ml Yarrow Pom oil has launched which is the oil I keep talking about for giving your skin that incredible glow!
And for a limited time, there is the natural deodorant avail infused with the aroma of Beautiful Blend.
It’s the most effective natural deodorant you will ever use!

After you’ve selected which kit you would like to purchase, you can add any other products including the new ones
mentioned above to your cart at the 25% off price.


Here are some of the ways you’ll love using Frankie:


150 ways to use

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diffuse your way

To purified air
To dreamier sleep
To deeper connection

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"I believe that there is a healing potential locked inside plants which is integral with their evolution, just as it is part of human evolution to learn to tap this wonderful give of nature."


monthly wellness box

When you start as a wholesale customer through the purchase of a kit, you then have access to purchase
doTERRA AT 25% off whenever you want to shop for a full year.
But I also want to make sure you know about one of THE best rewards programs I have ever been a part of ..
it’s doTERRA’s optional monthly wellness box called the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)

What I love most is that I customize this box every month and it shows up on my doorstep and saves me so much time
not having to go around to various health stores like I used to years ago.

Also - as someone who has invested in natural products for over 10 years - I can assure you that the quality of everything doTERRA creates is incredible!
The toothpaste, the mouth rinse, the skin care, the body care, the supplements - and obviously as the world’s largest + most trusted essential oil company,
the essential oils trump anything you’ve ever tried before.

This is the best rewards program out there and one of the only that recognizes your efforts in taking care of yourself in a health way!
Maybe one day the government will provide breaks for people that are healthy - but I don’t see that changing anytime soon …

Here are some of the most popular products to order monthly based on what your health goal is: (prices are based on Canadian market)
Note - we created these collection to equal at least 125pv because when you order that by the 15th each month,
you will always receive a FREE product from doTERRA!

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my fave from doterra:


trainings I've recorded for you:


frequently asked questions:

Q1. Is this a pyramid scheme?

Not even close! Those are illegal, but there still a few aunts + uncles that like to tell these stories of back in the 70s ... doTERRA is purchased through the network marketing model - which basically means that instead of the company investing into retail space, billboard, magazine and radio advertising ... they invest into people. People that share their own experiences and through that build communities of support.

Q2. Will I have to purchase monthly?

No - you can purchase whenever you want from your personal doTERRA store at your 25% off price. The only reason you would order monthly, would be to join the monthly rewards program where you would earn free product + free shipping each month.

Q3. Aren't essential oils just pretty smells?

The ones at the mall, gas station or big box store will be basically just that (if that). With doTERRA - you are purchasing the distillation of purest aromatic compounds in plants. They are what many of us would consider our main health + selfcare. You'll come to experience this too with time.

Q4. Can I just be a customer? I don't want to have a business...

Oh yes! And you may not know this - 90% of the 7 million people using doTERRA are customers that purchase at 25% off. Only 10% do this as a wellness business! When you choose your kit - you will want to choose the 'wholesale customer' option.

Q5. How will I know how to use the oils?

This is what I'm most excited to share with you: through your kit purchase, you become part of our HOL:FIT essential oil community which is one of the largest natural health communities in the world! We have education, health programs and lots of support for you as you begin this new journey! You cannot put a dollar amount on this value and it's certainly not something available on a retail shelf.


are you a health influencer?

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