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Join us for a special week of collaborative
learning to launch your business

You’re here because you’ve have been invited as one of my personal wellness advocates or invited by one of the
high level leaders on our team …

I’ve collaborated with several of my fave presidential diamond friends to offer you this
LIVE 4 day LAUNCH CAMP from Feb 11 - 13th & Feb 19th …

doterra presidential diamond collaboration

We run this approx 2-3x a year and there are limited spots avail for this launch camp.

First - If you’re in, add your name + email to this list:


Also, if you haven’t changed your account type from customer —> wellness advocate:
Login to your back office and click the ‘become a wellness advocate’ button and follow the quick steps - it’s free to upgrade your account!

This will setup your account so that you can begin enrolling people. And when you’re ready to start doing that, you’ll want to setup your personal monthly order in the loyalty rewards program to be 100pv or higher. Having your personal monthly LRP order saved at 100pv or higher is what sets you up to earn commissions.


Next Steps:

STEP 1 : Download + Bookmark your each of the guides linked below:

STEP 2: Decide on your launch date + pencil in 3-4 classes into your calendar during your launch month.
See pg 6 of the Launch Guide for more info on this process:


STEP 3 : Print the following sheets + store in a ‘launch binder’
Complete the memory jogger + success tracker before our first session:

STEP 4 : Use code ‘teamholfit’ to enter our private LAUNCH CAMP Facebook Group:

STEP 5: Schedule the LIVE session dates into your calendar and plan to attend in our zoom room:

🗓 Each session starts at 8pm EST will be approx 90 minutes.


Monday Feb 11th:
Hosted by Elena Brower + Rebecca Hintze
Topic: Living the doTERRA Lifestyle


Tuesday Feb 12th:
Hosted by Ange Peters
Topic: Sharing the doTERRA Difference


Wed Feb 13th
Hosted by Sara Janssen
Topic: Building your doTERRA Business


Tues, Feb 19th
Hosted by Keeli Martinez + Hayley Hobson
Topic: Launching your doTERRA dream


Launch Camp Wrap Up:

By attending these special sessions live:

You’ll be able to ask your questions with the top leaders in the company …
You’ll have a higher chance of success than those that don’t attend live (growth always comes for those that show up) …
You’ll have the chance to win prizes during the live session!
📹 Note - the recordings will be posted below a week after our launch camp runs if for some reason you can’t attend live.

Recordings from 2018 camp:

in launch camp You will learn:

Different strategies which can help you build a heart centred approach in your business …
An in depth understanding about how to live and then teach this essential oil lifestyle …
How top enrollers continuously bring customers into their business and control their own destiny …
How to handle objections that arise in your business …
How to attract your ideal customer and business builder …
How to step into the shoes of leadership and inspire others to rise up along side you …
Leave with the confidence and encouragement from other global top leaders on how to seamlessly build YOUR business!