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I’ve collaborated with a few of my fave presidential diamond friends to offer you this LEAD Camp!
You are invited to join in a LIVE evening training session taking you through the LEAD Guide and ensuring you are setup to rank up in the month of Dec or Jan!

First - If you’re in, add your name + email to this list:

Next Steps:

STEP 1 : Download + Bookmark your LEAD GUIDE:

STEP 2 : Complete this GOLD Rank Planner:

STEP 3 : Use code ‘teamholfit’ to enter our private LEAD Facebook Group:

The LIVE Session will take place on Dec 12 @ 8pm EST and will go for approx 90 minutes.
Click Here or the button below to enter the zoom room 10 min before the start time:

Bonuses just for you:

BONUS #1: for the month of December I am going to offer you an additional fast start bonus on all of your personal enrolments of 100pv or higher!!
This means for every enrolment you personally have of 100pv or higher - you’re going to receive 30% commission!
(20% through doTERRA and then I’m going to PayPal you an additional 10%)

This bonus commission will be paid out on Jan 2, 2019 for your Dec enrolments. Track them using the button below:

BONUS #2: If you rank advance to GOLD or PLATINUM in the month of Dec or Jan, I will be gifting you a $100 gift card to your
fave restaurant for you and your spouse/friend to celebrate!

So excited to collaborate with you as you grow into this next level in your leadership!



Creating that team vision starts NOW
Create a Community where people are valued and have a sense of belonging. Create your Tribe 
 Have a system in place when you have 1:1 or group calls with your team 
You are here to help answer their questions
Establishing Leader Habits is what will make YOU stand out
Be authentic and be prepared when you talk to people
Be Inspiring. Be that Vision. Be the Person your team looks up to and want to be like.
Decide to believe in everyone, without regard to how much (or how little) they are doing…continue to cast vision until they are ready.
Am I leading with these qualities so that my team can move forward?