Hey beautiful,


I'm so excited for you to experience doTERRA oils. I dabbled with other brands for years before I 

was introduced them 5 years ago and it's been a daily love affair ever since!

A few months after I began using them - I started sharing them with my health coaching clients and 

one thing led to another and now I lead a global essential oil community of almost 70,000 people!

It really is the 'new healthcare' and I know you will just love the journey of integrating them into 

your practice and daily routine!

These oils are the real deal - I know you've probably used other brands throughout the years. 

You will come to love the sourcing & the quality testing behind doTERRA's oils. 

As the largest essential oils company in the world - they are the purest, most potent and 

most trusted essential oils.

One of the most appreciated aspects is that you can scan your bottle to see exactly what plant 

constituents are in it and where in the world it was sourced from - this provides complete 

transparency and an assurance that the oil is going to do what you hope it will do ;)


In the love package I've sent you:


❀ A kit of pure lemon, peppermint + lavender essential oils:



Top 3 uses for Lemon:

doTERRA sources their lemon from Italy where the highest limonene content 

in lemon is found. This is why it's so cleansing:


1) Drinking Water: add 1-2 drops to a large glass or stainless water bottle when drinking

2) Home Cleaner: make a simple home cleaner with 1/2c vinegar, 1/2c water + 15 drops lemon

3) Produce Wash: soak all produce in a little bath of 1tsp castile soap + 3 drops lemon + water. 

Will remove residues, dirt + pesticides


Top 3 uses for Peppermint:

doTERRA sources their peppermint from Washington where the 

highest menthol is found. This is what gives pure peppermint it's cooling + clearing effects:


1) Fever: cool the body (fever) add 1 drop to a little coconut oil in your hands and massage into 

back of neck/down spine

2) Headaches: reduce headache tension by massaging a drop into your temples

3) Breathe deeper + clearer: add a drop to your hands, rub together and 

cup your nose while deeply inhaling


Top 3 uses for Lavender:

doTERRA sources their lavender from Bulgaria where the highest linalool in lavender is

found which is why it's so calming emotionally and for the skin:


1) Epsom Bath for relaxation + skin calming: add 3-5 drops lavender to 1cup of plain epsom salts 

and add to bath. I have a bunch of bath inspiration posts on instagram 

through if you search this #holfitbath

2) Skin calming: add 1 drop lavender to a little coconut oil and 

apply to any skin rashes, bug bites, sunburns etc

3) Deeper sleep: apply 1 drop of lavender to a cotton pad and tuck into pillow case. 

(or if you have a diffuser - add 3 drops of lavender to diffuser 30 min before bed)


Note - lemon, peppermint and lavender used together is the ultimate environmental allergy relief. 

You can add 1 drop of each to a shot glass of water and gargle/swallow. 

Or add 2 drops of each to the diffuser in your home.

❀ Copaiba oil

This is sourced from the Amazon in Brazil - I love this sourcing video.

It has constituents that interact with your body's 

endo-cannabanoid system, like a lock + key. So this affects our experience of pain and the nervous system. Very calming as well!

Okay now for the migraines you've been having, try this:

Tap a few drops of the copaiba oil into your hand and use your finger to swipe the roof of your mouth and then press your tongue up to the roof of your mouth for 60 seconds. 

Also, take your peppermint oil and apply one drop to each temple and base of skull. 

It will take about 30 seconds but will provide instant pain relief.


The Usage Book I gave you is a great resource as you get started. You can search by oil or by health condition and it gives you guidance on how + what to use! 


You can purchase doTERRA as a wholesale customer - this is what over 6 million people globally do.  If you're interested - you might want to begin with a starter kit. You can do that right here.


Big Love to you beautiful!

Chat soon,



ps - I have some great learning resources in my getting started guide here if you'd like to bookmark.