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welcome to
our business resource

This is a special page just for you - building a doTERRA biz on our HOL:FIT team!
 We’ll be password protecting this page soon once we have all of our team content uploaded …


We know you are here for a great purpose 💕
Your voice + your gifts have never been combined before and you are going to
impact many people through your journey here …


ps ... are you in the right spot?

If you are a customer on our team looking for our customer login page:

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we have facebook groups

to support your



Note: all groups are private.
To be given access to the groups, you will be prompted within each group to answer a few questions to be approved.

wellness advocate groups: (business)

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New Builder Launch group: everything’s organized in the units. This is a resource-only group:

Leader group: a conversation space + resource hub for all ranks. Resources are organized in the ‘learning units’:
(approx 6,000 in this group)

High Level group: a space for our Silver (+) above leaders:
(approx 300 in this group)

Growth Programs for wellness advocates:

growth lab final.png

2-3x a year, we run a 5 week Launch Camp for brand new Wellness Advocates .

2x a year we run a Growth Lab which is a 90 day success accelerator for all Wellness Advocates.

2x a year we have Diamond Club which is a 4 month growth program for Silver leaders looking to build a Diamond level organization.

customer + team program groups:

Our Essential oil community group is a space for all of our customers where we share essential oil usage, recipes + inspiration. Our resources are also organized in the ‘learning units’ of that group:

Essential 30 Cleanse Group: (details here)
This cleanse which runs 1-2x a year to guide our customers through 30 days of using the Cleanse + Restore kit:

Health Habits Foundation Group: a 21 day Lifestyle Reno + Ritual Reset Program that runs every June: which you can also do in your own timing.

oil fb group.png

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Have you decided when you’re going to participate in Diamond Club?

It’s an optional growth program doTERRA created where you become a travelling essential oil educator for 4 months … developing deeper relationships with your customers + builders.

It’s where diamond leaders are created.

Hop over to our team diamond club page to see who’s currently participating in it and learn more about the program and when you can next participate!

team calendar:

First image is our Strategic Annual Launch Calendar.
Second image is our team Google Calendar …
you can scroll through the months using the arrows above or click the (+) button at the bottom of the image to integrate our team calendar into your personal google calendar!

Step 1: Anchor a personal routine with your oils:

Step 2: Share in your authentic way:

Step 3: launch your business:

growing to your next level:

Creating that team vision starts NOW
Create a Community where people are valued and have a sense of belonging
Have a system in place when you have calls with your team
Establishing Leader Habits is what will make YOU stand out
Be authentic and be prepared when you talk to people
Be Inspiring. Be that Vision. Be the Person your team looks up to and wants to emulate
Decide to believe in everyone, without regard to how much (or how little) they are doing… continue to cast vision until they are ready.
Lead with these qualities so that your team can move forward.

More Team Resources:

helpful  to  have:


frequently asked questions

Q1. How do i get paid?

First you want to be sure you keep your LRP cart saved at 100pv minimum because this is what tells the systems you are eligible to be paid on weekly commissions.

Q2. What should I spend my time on?

There are 6 Questions to ask yourself when you are not sure what to spend your time on. You'll see them posted in the resources section above.

Q3. How much will this business cost me?

Financially - your only actual investment is 100pv of personal use products. doTERRA is actually the lowest priced business startup in the space!


team ethos