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This is a special page just for you - building a doTERRA biz on our HOL:FIT team!
 We even have a password which is pretty much the same as having a team jacket 😘

Also - be sure to ask your upline to add you to the various private Facebook Groups for instant access to our team content and the programs + ebooks.

Before you dive in … we want you to know that we know you are here for a great purpose!
Your voice + your gifts have never been combined before and you are going to impact many people through your journey …


here are the team Facebook Groups we have to support you:

Our starter builder group called ‘BEGIN’ which is for our brand new builders
Our essential oil community customer group which has about 25,000 members
Our leader group which has about 6,000 members and is a conversation + resource hub for all ranks
Our high level group for our Silvers and above
And last, our Essential 30 Cleanse Group which runs 2x a year to guide you through doTERRA’s Cleanse + Restore kit. (details here)

are you in the right spot?

If you are a customer on our team looking for our customer login page:

Step 1: Anchor a personal routine with your oils:

Step 2: Share in your authentic way:

Step 3: launch your business:


More Team Resources:

helpful  to  have:

frequently asked questions

Q1. How do i get paid?

First you want to be sure you keep your LRP set at 100

Q2. What should I spend my time on?

There are 6 Questions to ask yourself when you are not sure what to spend your time on

Q3. How much will this business cost me?

Financially - your only actual investment is 100pv of personal use products.

team Manifesto

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