Welcome to the Beautiful Life Lab!


is here!

This lab has been brewing in my mind for a few years and I knew that this was the year to bring it to you!
I love the idea of lots of us getting after it!

Creating our beautiful life together and impacting the world through our state.
I’ve put everything you need to know + have into this program to take ownership of your life …
to design a life that feels most beautiful + fulfilling for you … success as defined by you!

Along with video tutorials for having a happy kitchen, calendar, inbox + phone, I’ve recorded a 60 min audio walkthrough of the content + lab sheets.

We also have a private Facebook Group where challenges will be posted + prizes will be won!


Oh … and while the lab sheets are fun … don’t mistake their cuteness for how effective they will be in laying the foundation for the incredible year you are going to have.
I wanted to create tools for you that you would actually look forward to filling in!

And my hope is that a few months from now, you’ll be sitting at a cafe with a girlfriend talking about
all the amazing things you’ve been able to implement as the architect of your life.


$52 usd
Lifetime access to Facebook Group
Optional upgrade for annual zoom coaching lab avail for purchase from Dec 1 - 10th each year (4 x 90 min sessions) $100 usd

Note - You can purchase anytime, but it’s most effective the start of the year:
Thank you for allowing me to guide you at this point in your journey and I hope
you enjoy this lab as much I enjoyed creating it for you!

Cheering you on,
💕 Ange


frequently asked questions:

Q1. Will I have to pay every year?

No, once you purchase the $52usd program, you have lifetime access to the program and any updates I do in future years, as well as our facebook group. The optional upgrade of the zoom coaching sessions ($100usd) gives you access to the 4 x 90 min quarterly sessions for that year. It's only avail for purchase between Dec 1 - 10th each year. You would need to purchase that annually if interested.

Q2. Is this a program for those in doTERRA?

This is a program for anyone and everyone interested in creating and living a life by design!

Q3. Does it matter what planner or calendar I use with this?

While I promote the effectiveness of using Google Calendar in this lab, you are welcome to use whatever system you currently love for implementing the clarity that you will have throgh the lab sheets!

Q4. Can I purchase this as a gift for a friend?

Yes in the program shop you will see giftcards available in the exact amounts of the various programs I offer. So for this lab for example - you could purchase the $52usd giftcard. You will receive a digital gift card that you can then print or send to your friend!

Q5. What can I expect within the Facebook Group?

All of the lab program sheets + tutorials have been organized for you in the Group UNITS section for quick access. 2 weeks before the start of a new quarter, I will be posting challenges to help you stay on track with your planning + actioning. And there will be prizes ;)


the lab inspo bank: