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Hey I’m Ange Peters ...
The founder + CEO of HOL:FIT, doTERRA Wellness Advocate
a holistic health, life + biz strategist, podcaster and mama of 2 girls.

My work is devoted to your rise in self leadership and ownership of your health, success + impact.
If you believe you were created for greatness + to be a light in this world, you’re in the right place.

To learn more about the heartbeat of my work:

holistic health programs

here waiting for you:

Free healthy lifestyle content:
Such as Workouts, Whole Food Recipes, Essential Oil guidance,
Music Playlists, Podcast Episodes, Coaching Tools …

Ways to hire me as your health cheerleader:
Through my various group lifestyle programs:
such as Ready Set Glow, the Essential 30 Cleanse and the Beautiful Life Lab.

How to start with doTERRA: the largest natural health movement in the world!
Whether you want to purchase doTERRA at 25% off as a customer, or are interested in
becoming a wellness advocate … I've got you covered 😘

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the podcast

doterra essential oils

join live the last wed of each month at 2pm est


The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

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Want to have that real glow?

I have the tools, the programs + the community all ready for you.
From essential oil education to seasonal cleanse programs and mini health schools in between ...
All you need to do is choose your adventure πŸ‘‡


ready set glow
7 day detox

Infuses your body with fresh juices, blended meals, whole foods, detox rituals and the virtual community by your side!


the beautiful

life lab

A program that will guide you to live in complete flow + alignment with your most beautiful life! Practical + fun tools for eliminating distractions, casting your vision and accessing your power!

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30 days of deep cellular cleansing using
doTERRA's Cleanse + Restore Kit of supplements and essential oils.


essential oils

Purchase the world's purest, most tested and most trusted essential oils at 25% off.

You'll support 80% of your health + well being needs and find yourself wondering what in the world you did before having these bottles.



Scroll through the months using the arrows above or click the (+) button at the bottom of the image to integrate the HOL:FIT schedule of livestreams + program offerings to your google cal!

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Interviews + affiliations

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