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Whether you’ve been part of the HOL:FIT community for a while or we have just connected,
I don’t think you’re here by coincidence.

There is a part of you seeking change …

Whether that is a higher level of health, more abundance and freedom with your time +
finances or perhaps to serve others in a bigger way.

I am so excited you’re here because I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health + self care …
I am another you. ❤

If you’re new here, I’m the CEO + founder of HOL:FIT, a Canadian Founder with doTERRA,
podcast host of HOL:FIT Talks and a mama of 2 girls. 

You can read more about my life + work here if you’re interested.
I am devoted to showing up for women that are interested in taking ownership of their success, their health + their wealth.
And I partner with you, to create the community + the connections to fuel the movement
that is changing the world.

I attract people who are willing to take 100% ownership of their time, health, success and their purpose.
And so let me take this opportunity to remind you that your life has meaning and your voice matters ✨


I believe in access ...

I believe in taking ownership of your own life so that you can impact many others.
And I believe in having the opportunity to make your dream life = your real life.   
👉 To create the kind of life you desire.

What I’m sharing here is the perfect vehicle for merging all of that together.
And that vehicle goes by the name doTERRA
A debt free, billion dollar wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world.

The doTERRA collective is over 7 million people around the world, 90% of which are customers.
When I help you get connected to the oils, this is where I like you to begin …
as a customer, navigating your own self care, education + empowerment.

And then when you’re ready, I’ll connect you to the tools + supportive community you need to live a healthy, glowing life ...
to heal yourself and through that be part of the healing in our world.

For example, when you start, I have a Launch Program I’ll guide you through
after you’ve had a few months learning + integrating the oils.

And then I’ll plug you into our next offering of our Growth Lab which is a 90 day success acceleration program


In our HOL:FIT doTERRA Leader group on Facebook,
we have over 5,000 business builders that have partnered with us, growing their business around the world … there are so many valuable conversations that have take place inside this group!

Our resources are super easy to navigate, with everything organized in the Learning Units of that group in addition to the team business resources organized here in our leader hub:


I can confidently say,
when you partner with us to do build this business, you will have access to everything you need to build your business!

And while being a resourceful entrepreneur is highly valuable …
you won’t need to spend more than 60 seconds looking for what you need.

The culture here is what people

talk about the most


And it's changing the world.
As one of the top 10 leaders in the company - I have had the privilege through many occasions, to experience the heart + the integrity of the 7 founders of doTERRA. 
Everything you experience through the calibre of leadership in doTERRA trickles from the top…

And within the doTERRA Collective, you will find the brightest lights all across the organization cheering each other on …

Why is doterra sold through Network Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why doTERRA is sold through the marketing model that it is?
It's a barrier at first for people because there are a lot of people we can all think of that have given the network marketing model an icky reputation.

I was initially closed off to it for this reason too ...

But then I became tired of trying to find access to pure essential oils and was really drawn to the values + transparency + sourcing methods that doTERRA had:


So I took a step forward and bought the oils.
And then after a few months of using them, I realized this was a very different company.
I talked to quite a few people and poked as many holes as I could into the whole thing so I could determine whether this was a company I wanted to partner with.

Through and through, it didn't matter where I looked, I could sense a congruency in what they were doing and I knew that this would be the movement that would slowly help the world heal.

and I knew I was meant to lead a big

Role in this movement

And I also knew I could leverage this marketing model to create a powerful community - a space that people felt proud to be a part of!
An experience of total value and a decision that a customer would always reflect back on as one of the best decisions of their life.

I don't talk about the business side of my doTERRA work often, because the truth is, I want you to start as a customer first.
And after you've done the self work + healing with the oils, if you feel the pull to lead in this movement too … you'll know when the right time is.
It's will be right around the time you help someone close to you work on their healing too.

This business model is the most brilliant in the world because it:
Places you in a position of authority over your own life
Removes all limitations on you …
Your success is entirely up to you.

oh and one more thing ...

The only people that will be quick to label this work as a 'pyramid scheme' are the ones that haven’t taken the time to see what’s actually happening here. There was only 1 business model that doTERRA could have empowered so many lives through …
the model of person to person, one drop at a time.
Be cautious of allowing someone else to hold you back, if they aren't living the life you are about to create.


Q1. What does it mean to be a wholesale customer?

To become a wholesale customer, you can open up your access by either purchasing a starter kit which has the wholesale access pass bundled in. Or by just purchasing the Intro Booklet which is just the wholesale access pass. This gives you a full year of purchasing doTERRA at 25% off whenever you want to shop. There is no business oppourtnity attached to this. 90% of the 7 million+ people in doTERRA are wholesale customers.

Q2. Will I have to purchase monthly?

No, you can purchase whenever you want from your personal doTERRA store at your 25% off price. The only reason you would order monthly, would be to join the monthly rewards program where you would earn free product + free shipping each month.

Q3. Aren't essential oils just pretty smells?

The ones at the mall, gas station or big box store will be basically just that (if that). With doTERRA - you are purchasing the distillation of purest aromatic compounds in plants. They are what many of us would consider our first level of health + selfcare. You'll come to experience this too with time!

Q4. There are so many brands claiming to do what doTERRA does, but cheaper. How can I trust doTERRA?

You're right ... there are many claims out there now. Here's the truth: doTERRA is one of very few big brands that is changing the world in a positive way through their business model + practice. As the largest essential oil company in the world, they are the only essentail oil company that pursues purity, quality + sourcing with integrity. There is simply no other company going to the efforts that doTERRA is to ensure you are receiving the highest quality essential oil. You'll want to watch this:

Q5. How do I become a wellness advocate and build this as a business?

I encourage you to begin as a wholesale customer even if you are wanting to build the business. It's important that you have at least 3 months learning + applying your knowledge of the oils before you begin sharing them with others. You can upgrade after 3 months to be a wellness advocate for free!

Q6. How will I know how to use the oils?

This is what I'm most excited to share with you: through your kit purchase, you become part of our HOL:FIT essential oil community which is one of the largest natural health communities in the world! We have education, health programs and lots of support for you as you begin this new journey! You cannot put a dollar amount on this value and it's certainly not something available on a retail shelf.

Q7. My uncle told me doTERRA is a pyramid scheme - is that true?

Pyramid schemes are illegal, but that term is thrown around alot. doTERRA is purchased through the network marketing model, which means that instead of the company investing into retail space, billboard ads or magazine/radio advertising ... they invest into people. So you are buying your essentials oils through me rather than through the CEO of Walmart or Amazon. And through that - you will experience what I believe is the best part of all of this, which is our community + education + access to our amazing health programs to guide you along the way! All things you wouldn't have access to if you were to purchase essential oils elsewhere.

If you’d like to learn even more about this business model, click below

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I would love to offer you the opportunity to experience doTERRA + partner with me in sharing about your experience.
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