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Whether you’ve been part of the HOL:FIT community for a while or we have just connected,
I don’t think you’re here by coincidence.
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There is a part of you seeking change …
Whether that is a higher level of health, more abundance and freedom with your time +
finances or perhaps to serve others in a bigger way.

I am so excited you’re here because I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health + self care …
I am another you. ❤

If you’re new here, I’m the CEO + founder of HOL:FIT, a Canadian Founder with doTERRA,
podcast host of HOL:FIT Talks and most cherished - a mama of 2 girls

You can read more about my life + work here if you’re interested.
I am devoted to showing up for women that are interested in taking ownership of their success, their health + their wealth.
And I partner with people like you, to create the community + the connections to fuel the movement
that is changing the world.


I believe in access ...

And the opportunity to make your dream life = your real life.   
👉 To create the kind of life you desire.

I attract people who are committed to going first and everything that comes with that.
Who are willing to take 100% ownership of their time, health, success and their purpose.
I want to remind you that your life has meaning, there is a meaning to all of this and there is a community waiting
to recognize that with and in you ✨

What I’m sharing here is the perfect vehicle for merging all of that together.
And that vehicle goes by the name doTERRA
A debt free, billion dollar wellness company with the purest essential oils in the world (here’s why)

I’ll connect you to the tools + supportive community you need to live a healthy, glowing life ...
to heal yourself and through that be part of the healing in our world.
For example, I have a launch program I’ll guide you through after you’ve had a few months learning + integrating the oils.
I run it 2-3x a year and have one starting again in May if you’re interested in joining now:

doterra launch program

(If you’d like to join this, click here for the steps to setup your account.
Select wellness advocate, choose your starter kit and then email me at to let me know you’ve set it up and are ready to go!)

In our HOL:FIT doTERRA Leader group on Facebook, we have over 5,000 business builders growing their business around the world and over 5 years of valuable conversations that have take place.

We also have all our resources organized in the UNITS of that group in addition to the team business resources organized here in our leader hub:

The culture here is what people talk about the most. 

And it's changing the world.
As one of the top 10 leaders in the company - I have had the privilege through many occasions, to experience the heart + the integrity
of the 7 founders of doTERRA. Everything you experience through the calibre of leadership in doTERRA trickles from the top…

And within the doTERRA Collective, you will find the brightest lights all across the organization cheering each other on …


Why Network Marketing as the business model?

CLICK HERE to read through the biz opp guide I've created for you where I share more about
WHY the doTERRA business model is brilliant + beautiful,
WHY network marketing is the only dependable business model for now and tomorrow and
WHY I want you to start as a customer first 😘

Is this You?

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doterra business.jpg

Our Global HOL:FIT Community


Our HOL:FIT Wellness Leader Team has a loud heartbeat
+ I’d love for you to click here to get to know them ✨

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