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We’ve created this page to not only highlight our current leaders who are participating in Diamond Club and have a one stop shop of resources to support them …
And to also share what this program is all about if you are a leader planning to participate in the future!

So what is Diamond Club?
It’s where leadership is born. Emily Wright shares why in this video.

It’s a program that you'll apply for if you’re looking to saturate your team with love + growth! You will be given resources + financial support to grow your business!
✨ And you can win prizes including a sourcing trip with Emily Wright!

There are two Diamond Club seasons each year (Feb —> May and Aug —> Nov)
The qualification month for the spring season is December. For the fall season, qualification takes place in June. During these qualifying months, Wellness Advocates must achieve the following in order to apply for Diamond Club:

  • Achieve the rank of Silver (or Premier in Canada)

  • Personally enrolled 3 new wellness advocates the month before the program starts

  • Have 5 customers/WA on their team in their local area that place 100 LRP (within 80km)

  • Have 5 customers/WA on their team in an outside area that place 100 LRP (more than 80km away)

    Here is more info on how to qualify for this program

Did you know that over 70% of the diamond ranked leaders in doTERRA did at least one round of diamond club?Even leaders that didn’t participate in diamond club to grow a Diamond+ business, built using the Diamond Club Framework...

🎙 My friend Alice Nicholls breaks this down brilliantly in episode 37 of her podcast right here

Another cool feature of Diamond Club is that when someone participating in diamond club comes to teach a class, the customers that enrol at that class will receive special product bonuses only available at that class!!! Diamond Club participants can have 30% of the enrolments they put through their portal be from cross line team.

So while the main focus a leader participates in Diamond Club is to grow their own team, they will have some time available to come out to your classes even if you aren’t on their team! If you are wanting a Diamond Club participant to come to your upcoming class, reach out to one of the leaders we’ve highlighted below to see if they’re available!

There are a lot of leaders who have shared why Diamond Club was so powerful to their life + business,
such as Mandy Kuhn and Darlene LeVan and tons more right here.

Is Diamond Club for you? Click here to find out

Meet our leaders

These are the growing leaders on our team!
They are currently participating in Diamond Club (Feb —> May 2019).
Click on their photo to bring up their website or Instagram account so you can
connect with them to schedule a Diamond Club class!

dear diamond club participant ...

This is such an exciting time for you!
In this next season, you are going to experience the ripple effect our essential oil have on the lives of others.

You’ll be challenged like never before.
You will move outside of your comfort zone and realise you are capable of so much more than you ever imagined. You’ll experience incredible personal and professional growth and your business will completely transform.

There will also be moments when you doubt yourself too.
So, remember this; while the nature of this journey is temporary, the benefits are not!
By making this commitment to yourself, your family and your business, you are choosing to master the key ingredients to a successful dōTERRA business.

You will become well-versed on the dōTERRA fundamentals, which in turn will make you a masterful teacher. These skills, and your 100% commitment to your mission of helping others, will leave you a stronger, more confident leader; one you would want to follow!

We’ve compiled some of the best resources to support you as you move into this growth season!
Bookmark this page for quick access to the music, the videos and the facebook groups to tap into when you need a pump up!



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"Diamond Club has the potential to completely transform you, your team, and your business in a way that nothing else can. Don't miss this unique opportunity."
- Emily Wright


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