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doterra BOGO sale

Today only (July 23), there are 2 x BOGO BUNDLES!
I've combined them both in the image below to show you what you'd receive for free from the US warehouse:

doterra bogo

USA Warehouse:

Buy One, Get Two Free:
Buy 5ml Blue Tansy
Get both a 5ml Roman Chamomile + 15ml Tea Tree for FREE!
NOTE: This one is only avail from US Warehouse

Canada + USA Warehouse:

An amazing BOGO bundle for kids!
Buy 15ml Calmer + Get 15ml Thinker FREE!

If you’re in Canada - I suggest ordering from the US warehouse so you can order get both deals!
It will only work out to approx $10 more to order from the US

Limit of 5 of each bundle per household

➡️ To learn more about Blue Tansy:
➡️ To learn more about Roman Chamomile:
➡️ To learn more about Tea Tree:

If you’re not yet a customer …

Setup your wholesale account today to purchase the BOGO at the wholesale price (25% off)
You can do this by either choosing a starter kit or purchasing the wholesale access pass from the kit screen (called the intro booklet)
Note - all starter kits have the oils/products bundled at a lower price and waive the fee for the $35us/$42cdn wholesale access pass!
I’ve listed the simple steps down below …

And I’m throwing in

a little extra fun for today only!

weekend bogo.png

Setup your Wholesale Account:

👉  Click Here to open up your wholesale account: This would give you access to the same pricing that I have! You’ll be able to not only buy today’s BOGO at 25% off, but you’ll have 25% off for a full year whenever you want to shop.

👉  My Name/Enroller ID should already be filled for you but if it isn't, enter Ange Peters or HOL:FIT as the connector

👉  Fill in your personal info


👉  Choose which kit you’d like to purchase. I suggest starting with the Aromatouch kit because it’s 8 popular oils, a diffuser + a bottle coconut oil. So at the kit screen, select your kit and then simply type the BOGO oil into the cart search button and add it. The FREE oil will automagically appear in your cart.

👉  Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

💌 As soon as you’ve completed the steps above, I’ll send you a welcome email with access to our HOL:FIT team programs and will tuck that love package in the mail to you!

If you’re a current customer:

Order this through the loyalty rewards cart to receive full shipping back in free product!

👉 Simply log in to using your id # and password. Click 'shop', and then add the BOGO oil to your cart. For example, if the BOGO is "Buy one OnGuard get a free Breathe," you would add OnGuard to your cart. Once you have finished shopping, click "Proceed to Checkout." The free Breathe will automatically be added to your cart. You can purchase up to 5 x BOGO ✨

🛒 Most people with a wholesale account will order the daily BOGO through the Monthly Rewards Cart (LRP) so that they can earn all of their shipping costs back! And if your rewards cart order is at least 50v, you will also earn at least 10% back in free product points! To do this: keep your LRP order in place that you have setup for next month, and just click the ‘create additional LRP button’ to create a second LRP template just for BOGO. Delete this BOGO template you’ve setup after you’ve ordered the BOGO so that you don’t receive 2 rewards orders the following month!

📦 Also, be sure to check out our new Wellness Box Ideas for what to order depending on your health goals!

Still have questions?

Here’s a few videos I’ve recorded about how to order + maximize the perks during BOGO week:

3 resources i’ve created for you:

👉 My 60 min class teaching you to use the oils

👉 This blog post I wrote about over 100 uses for the Top 10 Oils

👉 My diffuser guide of beautiful oils to pair together to create the ultimate vibes + purified air in your home

Can’t wait to welcome you to this journey of growing + glowing together!

xx Ange


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