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I offer 3 types of calls:
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Note ...

I offer a 1:1 call to:
👉 My new personal doTERRA customers to review any essential oil questions they have + customize a new lifestyle design.
👉 My new business partners to launch their business and ongoing throughout their first year as they progress to review their goals + strategy.

Due to the nature and brilliance of the doTERRA business model, I only offer calls to those that are taking aligned action to grow their business.
If you are new to being a business owner and are requiring a coach to hold you accountable or discuss why you are stuck/not taking action - you will need to invest your time + money into this type of life +  biz coaching. 
However, if you are someone ready to get to work for yourself, to show up and help people everyday with your knowledge + tools - you will find doTERRA to be the most perfect business model in the world.