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healing journey

I’d like to begin by letting you know deeply I honour you for landing on this page. I
I’m going to be expanding on the spiritual + the practical ingredients of healing. I’ll be talking about doTERRA essential oils + supplements throughout, so please connect with the person that shared this page with you for help with how to order at wholesale pricing (25% off).
Or you can learn more here.

I’m going to be suggesting an extensive list of essential oils + supplements in this document. This will be an investment, however please know you will experience positive effects right away. And you will find that this lifestyle will be your new normal because it will feel amazing!

So that you have it all in one place, here is everything I mention in this document at various points.
You may decide to just start with peppermint oil.
Or you might feel best investing in everything that is going to support your healing right now.

Here’s the line-up of doTERRA Products I’ll be mentioning:
DDR Prime Oil + Softgels
Lifelong Vitality Supplements
PB Assist
The emotional aromatherapy kit or Elevation, Balance, + Serenity Blend
The AromaTouch kit which contains
Deep Blue Rub
OnGuard Hand wash, cleaning concentrate, hand spray
Lemon, Tangerine or Green Mandarin oil
Peppermint + Peppermint roller bottle
Digest Zen roller bottle

I’ve organized lessons on essential oils right here for you, but for the sake of time - here are the
quick reasons you will want to integrate doTERRA oils into your daily routine:

essential oil school
  • Essential oils come from aromatic plants and are extracted typically through a steam distillation process.

  • They are 50% – 70% more powerful than herb form.

  • They have hundreds of constituents in them which are the key that fits various locks in your body. Click here to learn more about the chemistry + constituents. There is more and more research coming out about the power of pure essential oil constituents on cancer cells - such as this one

  • They enter the body within 30 seconds through either topical, aromatic or internal use.

  • There are very few pure + properly sourced essential oils on the market today. doTERRA is the largest + most trusted brand. You can expect a very different body response when you use doTERRA vs. what you’ll buy at the mall.

    let’s dive in

    If you know my journey, the word cancer was a known word in our home early in my childhood …
    I’ve been collecting information + intuitive guidance for many years and have done my best to organize it here. I would summarize my current view of cancer as recognizing that what we have known about it is dismantling. Cancer is simply the symptom of an underlying issue + imbalance in a person’s body.

    Recently, while attending an oncology appt with a dear family member, there were signs all over the office reminding patients that ‘you know your body, but we know your cancer’. I asked the oncologist to expand on that marketing message for us … and he said,
    ‘We don’t know cancer. But we’re often the best resource a patient has."

    We are ripe for a new understanding of why cancer visits and what it is asking of us.
    Surgery, chemotherapy + radiation alone may be effective for some, but for many it is only effective when used in conjunction with a whole foods diet, reduction in exposure to harmful chemicals (outside of the treatment), immune support + emotional reverence.

    We have reached a place where we need to entertain the idea that there is more going on than what an oncologist could suggest. And with that, we need to entertain the idea that the spirit instructs the healing. That the frequency of our emotions are that powerful. I believe one of the most harmful frequencies in our body is shame: living apologetically, not living our truth, allowing the opinions of others to rule us.

    Please understand how much power you actually have 💛
    We are living in the era of creating our life, our health and our story.

Okay so let’s move into the practical.

You are here because in some way - your body hit its tipping point.
The combination of thoughts, emotions + the exposure to certain chemicals in your daily routine has moved your body into a state of asking you to operate in a new way.

In everything I share below, please draw extra attention to the importance of beginning + ending your day with a warmth in your heart. Gratitude for the opportunity to live in a new way.
This in addition to the life-force of plant medicine and the reduction of exposure to what harms us is building a new physical + emotional body in you each day.

The New Way:

Daily musts now that you have come into the arena of healing.
I have examples of all the items I have written here in my Healthy Home shop

Begin this intensive rebuilding protocol 2 weeks after medical treatment:

  • Daily Gratitude: With 2 drops of frankincense in your hand, rub together to create warmth and deeply breath in. Hold your hand over your heart and feel each beat. And know that with each beat, healing surges through your body. Think of 3 things/people/experiences you grateful for today. Begin + end your day with this practice as this will be the most healing element of your day.

  • Daily Exercise: 20 - 30 min of walking outdoors - ideally with trees around, deeply breathing. Consider listening to audiobooks by Carolyn Myss, Bruce Lipton or Joe Dispenza. Allow a little sun on the skin without block. If you have the energy - move your body to the point of sweating. If possible, lift weights 3 times a week to help clear the blood of sugar.

  • If you have access to an Infrared Sauna: do 2-3 x 30 min sessions each week. Massage 3 drops of DDR Prime or Zendocrine blend into your feet + put socks on. Massage 3 drops of Breathe blend into chest. If you don’t have access to an infrared sauna, consider purchasing a BioMat. It uses far infrared rays, which are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, to assist the body in ‘cooking’ out the cancer. It stimulates detox and healthy cell production, and here's an informative article about using one of these. 

  • Reduce exposure to EMF by keeping your cell phone away from your body, turn WIFI off at night while you sleep.

  • Reduce exposure to chemicals that are distracting your healing: Instead use these: 

    • Everything from the OnGuard line for cleaning your home + supporting your immune system: The OnGuard foaming hand soap, OnGuard cleaning concentrate for making all purpose cleaners, OnGuard toothpaste and OnGuard hand spray while out.

    • Eliminate products with fragrance or parabens (use doTERRA skin products/bath products)

    • Eliminate anything from your diet that you can that has hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, preservatives, processed foods etc. (this frees up your immune system to take care of the cancer instead of being overloaded with lots of other work.)

  • Daily Supplements:  click here to look through the supplements in greater detail:

    • Mito2Max: 2-3 per day: supports the cellular power plants (energy) + cleans dead cells up

    • DDR Prime soft-gels: 1 capsule with each meal: creates healthy new cells + encourages cell death in irregular cells. It promotes cell regeneration + repair and relieves inflammation. It’s a blend of frankincense, Litsea, wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, summer savoury, clove and niaouli which have all been shown in clinical studies to support cellular health. 

      • If you have Turmeric oil, Pink Pepper oil + Yarrow Pom oil - add 2 drops of each to a capsule and alternate that with DDR

    • Terrazyme: 5 per day: 1 first thing in morning, with all meals and 1 before bed. Cleans up waste, yeasts + aids nutrients in absorbing from meals. Also supports the autophagy process (cleaning out of dead cells)

    • PB Assist probiotics: take 1 with water before bed to balance the flora as you sleep. If you aren’t eating fermented foods each week, then instead take 1 PB Assist with each meal for a total of 3 per day.

    • If you’re not taking a bio-available multivitamin, begin taking Lifelong Vitality

  • Nutrition:

    • No added sugars. Sugar feeds disease. A cancer cell has 23 times the number of sugar receptors than a normal cell. And so you must starve cancer of sugars which means you will only want to have sugars that are in natural form as whole foods.

    • 5 cups of greens each day: either as a salad, tossed into your daily smoothie or sautéed in coconut oil

    • Have a stir fry each day that includes cauliflower, broccoli, garlic, brussel sprouts, and organic nuts. Cook your stir fry in extra virgin coconut oil and cook in a stainless steel pan only.

    • Fermented foods + probiotics: at least one serving a day of fermented foods, such as raw kefir, sauerkraut … You can find great recipes for making fermented foods in the cookbook Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. 

    • 1tbsp of health fats at each meal: coconut oil, grass fed butter, avocado or organic nuts/seeds.

    • Keep proteins around 1/2 bodyweight in grams per day.

    • Water intake must increase to be at least 1/2 bodyweight in ounces per day. The purest water you can find. Consider installing a whole home filter to have clean water to bathe in + drink. You’re also going to add 2 drops of either doTERRA lemon, tangerine or green mandarin oil because these citrus oils are high in D - Limonene. Here’s some research on D-limonene on cancer tissue

    • Reduce packaged foods + purchase organic for all if possible

    • Daily Healthy Cell Growth Drink: This drink is nothing but fruits and vegetables and is designed to fight unhealthy cell growth. You'll need a really good blender so you don't burn up the motor (ie Vitamix). This will make enough for 3-5 days depending on how much you drink each day. All of the ingredients should be fresh and with no chemicals or pesticides. You can either buy organic vegetables or make sure you have a great vegetable wash that gets the chemicals and pesticides off. If you are not using organic vegetables, make sure you wash them well.

      You Will Need
      • 1 Apple (chopped into chunks. Keep everything but the stem.)
      • 1 Cup Strawberries (With the greens)
      • 1 Cup Grapes (no stems)
      • 1 Cup Pineapple
      • 1/2 Cup Gogi Berries
      • 1 Beet with the greens
      • I Cup Celery (with tops)
      • 1 XL Carrot
      • 1 Large Tomato
      • 1 Cucumber
      • (Optional) Pure Pineapple Juice or Apple Juice (with nothing added - especially sugar)

      1. Put the juiciest ingredients in first and fill the blender up about half way. This will allow the blender to blend without getting stuck.
      2. Add additional ingredients a little at a time to allow the blender to blend as you go.
      3. Add water if you'd like your drink thinner. Add Pineapple or Apple Juice if you like your drink sweeter - this will also thin it down.
      4. Drink 8-12 oz. once or twice daily. Refrigerate remaining drink in a tightly covered container.

  • Sleep: It’s vital that the quality of your sleep improves. Be in bed by 1030p and up with the sun. Have a lavender epsom bath before bed: 5 drops added to 1cup epsom salts + 1/2 cup baking soda in your bath (the salts help the oil emulsify). Add 2 drops of each of these oils to your diffuser before bed; Frankincense, Lavender and Breathe.

  • OILS:

    • Topically, rotate Immortelle, Frankincense and DDR Prime oils 2-4x/day diluted in a little fractionated coconut oil + applied to chest/bottoms of feet

    • The aroma touch technique 2-3 times per week if possible. Teach your partner/spouse/friend how to give this to you - it’s very simple. There is a kit of oils packaged with everything you need for this. OR you can have a weekly massage using a pre-made massage oil of 30 drops AromaTouch blend in 10ml fractionated coconut oil

    • I suggest in the first year following cancer treatment, you integrate the cleanse + restore kit for 30 days every 3-4 months. Blood cycles every 120 days so this is a great approach to keeping healthy cells growing.  I lead this cleanse guided for our oil community 2x a year - called The Essential 30

    • High Level Cellular support foot spray: Fill a 1oz glass spray bottle with 10 drops each of: Basil, Rosemary, Lavender, Frankincense, Clove, Zendocrine, Arborvitae, DDR Prime, Lemongrass, Geranium, Copaiba. Top with about 30 drops of FCO.

And here are specific oil supports based on your goals:
Some may work better for you than others.  You will need to experiment to find what works best for your biochemically unique system.

1. Immune Support:

  • Oils: OnGuard Blend, Frankincense, Arborvitae, Lemon + Oregano Protective BlendLemon and Oregano

  • You can diffuse OnGuard daily or a blend of Arborvitae + lemon is nice. Topically - you can make a roller bottle with all 5 of those oils in it: Add 5 drops of each oil to roller bottle and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil.

  • Usage: Roll morning + night on feet or down spine.

  • Here’s a video on Immune support with oils

2. Emotional Support:

  • Essential oils are powerful catalysts for processing emotions - which is very important to do. You don’t want to store heavy emotions in your cells.

  • Oils: the 6 blends in the emotional aromatherapy kit are brilliant as you can naviaged different emotions throughout the day while breathing in the matching blend. Other great options are: Serenity blend, Balance blend, Wild Orange + Elevation Blend.

  • All the blends are great for diffusing or adding to a roller bottle (30 drops) and topping up with coconut oil. With a roller - you can roll on chest + neck while deeply breathing and allowing the emotion to move through you.

3. Upset Stomach Blend

  • You will find fast support with certain oils on the digestive system, appetite, nausea etc. Peppermint is also brilliant applied topically to the temples for headaches, doTERRA sells it in roller bottle form - just roll into temples and down back of neck.

  • Oils: Peppermint, Digest Zen, Ginger, Copaiba 

  • doTERRA makes pre-diluted roller bottles of Digest Zen. Or you can make your own by adding 10 drops each of Peppermint, Copaiba + Ginger and topping up with fractionated coconut oil.

  • Usage: add 1 drop of peppermint to a glass of water to decrease nausea, dry mouth + increase appetite. Roll the roller bottle across stomach area in clockwise manner and massage in.

4. pain relief:

  • For head tension: Press 1 drop of frankincense to the roof of your mouth and then roll either the peppermint, past tense or deep blue touch roller bottle on temples, around hairline and down back of neck/shoulders. Works quite fast.

  • For deeper pain - Make a capsule with 3 drops each of Frankincense, Copaiba, Lemongrass and Marjoram or Oregano. Take 2x a day.

  • Topically: massage Deep Blue rub into the area - it feels amazing!

    What I suggest - is that you write a new routine for yourself that feels doable, and includes as many of the suggestions that I wrote above. If you’d like an example of the Routine I have created for my 72 year old family member after undergoing 6 months of intense chemotherapy, click here.

    Post Treatment, I encourage you to spend a week at the Hippocrates Health Institute to learn more
    about eating well + cultivating health.




I've always heard that we should abstain from using oils for 30 days following radiation or chemo as the oils, especially frankincense, can interfere with the treatment. I've heard it multiple times, but I've never seen anything that might back it up. I've been getting this question a lot lately and would love to be more dynamic in my response. What do you recommend in these sensitive situations?

RESPONSES: from people who have navigated cancer with their doctors using essential oils:

  • I have been told differently from our kids' osteopath (that he didn't see it as an issue). We have both used with our kids consistently throughout treatment. BUT...with so many sources of info, not to mention different types of cancer and chemo...there's certainly room for a different opinion.

  • my oncologists at Huntsman didn't have any concerns with me using the oils during or after chemo or radiation, except for cleansing oils (citrus oils, Slim n' Sassy, Zendocrine, etc.). There are significant variations in types of chemo drugs, types of cancers, the oils themselves and their effects, and in the opinions of oncologists. I have not seen enough clinical data to believe anyone could provide a conclusive statement as to the effect of a given oil with a given patient, other than detox oils. Nicole Stevens could attest to that I believe, as she seems to have some grasp on the principles behind the nuances of oils in specific contexts. The basic idea is to avoid flushing out the chemo drugs, since the patient is receiving them and their collateral damage already. Hard to imagine that Frankincense would disrupt the action of chemo, based on it's simple signaling action, vs a cleansing action (see pubmed studies). Note that post-chemo, they asked me to wait two weeks (until what would have been the date of my next infusion) to do any cleansing, so that the chemo still in me could complete it's job..

  •  I've heard that inhaling Intune during chemotherapy treatments, the body is able to relax and better utilize the chemo.

  • I've worked with many people through this process. Everyone is "biochemically unique", but across the board I've had tremendous success. Before. After. During. Decreased or nonexistent nausea, healthy mouth and gums, healthy weight distribution, they're offering the body tools to be strong

  • This is also my experience. I would use the oils again during every phase of the process due to the results we got with my mom. Using the oils pre and post chemo created an experience that i wish for everyone in this situation.

  • My niece went through treatment and used the oils throughout. She was stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma and is cancer free. She uses LLV and DDR and frankincense plus emotional oils.

  • My aunt is undergoing ongoing treatment for stage 4 colon at UCLA. Her oncologist did the research and felt like it was inconclusive (said that some of what he read said it could be contraindicated, and others not). He okayed it for her body and her treatment. Not sure this is helpful in anyway but there you are.

  • We work with our local cancer center and are seeing very wonderful results for people who are using the oils all throughout treatment.

  • My sister in law used frankincense, deep blue for pain, balance, AromaTouch for all the swelling in her legs.and citrus oils for anxiety the entire time she was going through treatment and her time afterwards in the hospital. The Huntsman Cancer Institute nurses were very supportive of us putting them on her! They always commented on how great her room smelled! Most of them used the oils themselves too. During treatment I feel it is more for their personal comfort and emotional support then "treatment". But we saw amazing and quick effects with calming, comfort and pain relief when we used them.

  • We have someone who used the oils and all doterra supplements throughout her treatment and the results were better than the doctors had hoped for. She has been dealing with lymphoma for a few years and in the past had to stop the chemo because it would have killed her. After doing doterra for a year she was strong enough to undergo treatment again but chose to do it while maintaining her doterra protocol. That was a few years ago and I haven't spoken to her in a while but from what I hear she is doing well. She was getting aroamtouch done as well by her neighbor who introduced her to doterra.

  • We are using immortelle and ddr on my daughters spine for cancer, she is doing chemo and radiation and this time with the radiation she isn't having the side effects like she has before. Also she's doing the aromatouch oils every other day. also oils on our grandsons spine, he is getting an MRI on Monday. 

  • This isn't my experience at all. I've only seen positive results from using before, during and after. I don't have documentation only personal experience but my understanding is that the oils will support the cells that do make it through. I remember the research presented on DDR prime and how the oils left the healthy cells alone and only killed the mutated ones. So seems to me that it would only support chemo and radiation while helping the body feel more vitality sooner.

    I trust this information is coming to you in good timing.
    On days when you are feeling overwhelmed, afraid or frustrated, please remember this:
    your body is healing everyday. And you are more powerful + influential on your body’s
    healing than you may realize …

    💕 Ange